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Possible sale of Intrawest...

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Making the rounds on the internet is some speculation that Intrawest may be for sale (or some of their properties may be sold off). Intrawest's once biggest property, Whistler Blackcomb, was acquired by Vail Resorts roughly a year ago. In addition, several of their other properties have been acquired by other groups as well. 

Check out this article on TremblantExpress : http://www.tremblantexpress.com/intrawest-cherche-des-acheteurs/#gal/0/ and The Denver Post : http://www.denverpost.com/2017/01/17/winter-park-ski-area-operator-intrawest-sale/ 

The mountains they still hold include Tremblant and Blue Mountain in Canada and Steamboat, Winter Park, Stratton and Snowshoe in the USA.

In the case of Tremblant, lots of expansion was planned, especially for Versant Soleil. Unfortunately, the 2008 recession took its toll on these plans, and only a few lodging units and casino were built. The skiable terrain also has some expansion potential, as evidenced by master plans created by EcoSign, showing several new lifts, the replacement and upgrade of others, and more trails on Versant Soleil and adjoining areas. http://www.ecosign.com/project/mont-tremblant

I still hold hope that these plans can be completed one day, but obviously, the current reality of Intrawest and its owner, Fortress, have put a hold on this happening.

Remember the Winter Olympics in 2010, the uncertain future of Intrawest put lots of fear in that Olympic venue. While things ended well for the games, only a few years later the mountain was sold to Vail. With recent speculation of an acquisition of Stowe Mountain by Vail, could Tremblant or Blue Mountain also be on their short list to become part of the Epic pass family?

I personally am in favour of some new ownership, especially for Tremblant. There is so much potential for expansion and improvement, not that what is there currently isn't amazing. But replacement of lifts, notably the Lowell Thomas triple, with a detachable quad, should have already happened. It's surprising that this hasn't already occurred. 

Even Blue Mountain has seen recent expansion with the new Orchard area, 6 new trails and a new six pack chairlift. I'm hoping there is some nice love in store for Tremblant in the near future. 

What are your thoughts? Have you heard any other related news?

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Yes Intrawest did own Mont Ste Marie around the early 2000s. Probably one of the biggest risks to me if say Vail did acquire Tremblant would be a higher lift ticket price. Again nothing has been announced other than some speculation of a sale of Intrawest in the media so any of these hypothetical scenarios may not come to pass.

Still I would like new ownership for Tremblant. The Lowell Thomas needs an upgrade to high speed quad, and the Versant Soleil has much more potential that is unrealized to this day. Here's hoping for some more development!

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Fortress Investments (owners of Intrawest and by extension Tremblant) was acquired by Softbank group of Japan for $3.3 billion.

More details here http://www.reuters.com/article/us-fortress-inv-glo-m-a-softbank-group-idUSKBN15T333

As this has just happened in the past 2 days, what effects this will have on Tremblant and Intrawest remains to be known. Hopefully more expansion and development of the skiable domain... we will see.

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I read a french article a few days ago about Tremblant, which basically discussed Intrawest's success at Tremblant over the past 25 years. I didn't really understand or see the point the writer was trying to make, and found the tone of the writing a bit odd.

It makes a bit more sense now that I read this news about a possible sale of Intrawest. 


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      Wow what a killer weekend at Mont Tremblant! I drove up late Friday to meet some buddies from Toronto who had a hotel room a few minutes from the resort. Our expectations were not high as it was early season and there was the 24hr relay race on the south side. Tremblant brought the goods though.  They had just gotten 10cms and on Saturday they opened up "Le Edge" for the first time this season as well as the runs off the Expo Express Quad.  We had powder skiing on December 6th! along with 49 open runs on Saturday and 53 on Sunday.  The temperatures were hovering around -15c in the morning and -8c in the afternoon. Lots of snowmaking was happening.  Anyway after railing some groomers on the North Side we got in a couple powder runs going down Fuddle Duddle and Windigo then hit Le Edge for more all natural tree runs.  We stayed on the Edge side for a while before heading back to the south side for some afternoon groomer action.  Sunday was a repeat with lots of powder stashes left in the woods.  You really couldn't have asked for more and the weather was pretty much perfect for the huge relay event that involved skiing, running and walking for 24hrs.  Tremblant even had Beauvallon light all the way down for the teams skiing after dark. What a crazy event.  Well done Tremblant. 

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      Well I had an airmiles ticket for Tremblant burning in my pocket and figured Friday would be the day.  The weather was looking a little suspect but while it rained in Ottawa, Tremblant got 15cms over night.  Heading out in the morning it was raining pretty hard but just after the turn off north on highway 323 it turned to snow and would snow for the rest of the day.  We arrived just past 9 after a easy drive.  What luck 15cms of semi-dense powder, no lines, no wind and temperatures around zero!  We did some north side trails before hitting the Edge for its 9:30 opening.  Conditions were amazing, so soft, so fun.  Later in the day things would get a little more sticky as the temps rose especially on the bottom half of the trails.  All 102 runs were open and we got our fill.  

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