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Calabogie Peaks - January 8, 2017

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If I were to describe the ski conditions I experienced this day at Calabogie Peaks I would use one word...

pristine (adjective) 

  1. in its original condition; unspoiled.
  2. clean and fresh as if new; spotless.

From this, you can gather that the snow was in impeccable condition. Calabogie Peaks has done everything to maximize on this fact, from the perfect snow grooming to just the quality of the snow everywhere on the mountain. 

My standout trail was O'Brien's Fancy, a nice intermediate speed trail, with plenty of drops and dips. Needless to say, I lapped it quite a bit. Other choice trails were the combination of Causeway-Baileys and Finnegan of the Lakeview quad.


Bottom of O'Briens (on the left)

I'm getting ahead of myself, let's start from the beginning...

I arrived at the mountain shortly before 9am, where I was greeted by the enthusiastic parking attendants guiding incoming cars to their spots. It was clear their mission was also to get everyone excited and in the mood to ski and it was working. Jumping out of the car, I grabbed my gear and headed to the chalet to get ready. Once inside, I found a spot and put on my boots and helmet. The chalet has plenty of storage shelves to place your bags when you go out, very clever. 


Lakeview quad


Calabogie Lake

Heading out to the Lakeview quad, I set my sights on the summit of the Peaks. With the Calabogie Lake as a backdrop to the left, the ride up the mountain is stunning, to say the least. Arriving at the top, you are greeted by the Top Hut, a warming chalet with a wood burning stove providing heat.


Top Hut


Today had a nasty cold wind (the only negative for the whole day), and so the Top Hut was my little refuge to warm up every so often. This is something I wish more mountains had. It's just a lot of fun to hang out and rest at the summit of a mountain.

Starting off with the Lakeview trails and then switching over to the Solar side trails, everything was in perfect condition. The two quad chairlifts are very efficient at moving everyone up the mountain so lift lines were non-existent all day. 






Face of Tiger (the top half of the picture is steeper than it looks)


Solar Express quad


Ole K&P

Calabogie Peaks is definitely a mountain that intrigues me immensely. The base of the mountain is deceptive and hides the vast mountain and network of trails above. What you find is ski terrain for all levels, all offering variety and uniqueness from one another. It's the kind of place that makes you want to come back for more, and I know I will.


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