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Check your helmets


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Last Monday when I was out skiing at Mont Ste Marie, I noticed that my helmet had developed a large crack along the side above the ears. It wasn't involved in an accident but it was getting kind of old so no doubt wear and tear and age.

In any case, I made sure to replace it this week. The friendly people at Kunstadt Sports helped set me up with a new POC Orbic X. I prefer the full shell helmets over the half shell (with soft ear covers) as they provide better protection.

Long story short, if you are reading this, take a minute or two to inspect your helmet for cracks or separation. If there is any damage, replace your helmet. Helmets are designed to crack during severe impacts to absorb the massive force, and if it is already cracked, that ability is significantly reduced.

Little tip, bring your goggles with you to the store to make sure they fit the new helmet perfectly and don't leave a gap between the helmet and top of the goggles. Mine were lucky to fit perfectly!

Play it safe, and check your helmets. :)

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I have a POC Orbic helmet as well, it's definitely one of the best I've owned.

I like a full-shell helmet as well, they provide better protection and they also keep your head and ears warmer on those very cold days. Unlike half-shell helmets though, they generally aren't adjustable, so make sure you try it on for awhile and with different coverings underneath before buying it. The POC full-shell helmets tend to fit my head very comfortably, but for others they don't fit nicely at all. If you're looking to buy something like this, consider different brands to find one whose helmets fit the shape of your head. 

It's also worth noting that over time, the protective materials of a helmet degrade, so it's recommended to replace it every 5 years for optimal safety. Some may find this a bit excessive, but there's no price to pay on your life if you end up in a serious accident with an outdated helmet. 

Also, as with a helmet for ANY sport, once it takes a hard hit, it's done. The structure and materials of the helmet are compromised, and won't perform the way they are intended if you take another fall. 


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I am due for a new helmet. It will be the 5th season with it this year. It has no cracks that I can see, but it has 1 moderate impact in the front when I ate snow at Wildcat this past month, so she's due for a change. 

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Good idea Paul. I never had any real major falls with my previous one but it was getting on in age, probably around 10 years or more. I guess from age and use it had developed a crack that I only noticed once it got even larger and the helmet was separating. Who knows how long it had been split.

Just like cycling, helmets are designed for one impact or crash, and are to be replaced. Not worth taking the chance that one day when it is needed it fails to hold up.

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