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Jay Peak - December 17-19, 2016


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IMG_20161219_101802193_HDR.jpgWell our 3 day ski trip to Jay Peak was an adventure.  Saturday was epic with a foot of new snow and the Flyer Quad running for the first time this year.  All the runs on the Tramside were ungroomed and powder filled.  The only bummer was the Tram was still down... and still is!  Earlier in the season the tram cables got covered in ice then all the ice fell off at once causing the wires to bounce and tangle. Because of this the full length of the cables need to be x-rayed for breaks and safetied. This is a major bummer as along with the Tram being down so is the Bonaventure Quad as it goes under the Tram at the top, also any trails that go under the tram are also closed.  Anyway the runs that were open on Saturday rocked and the snow in the glades was almost waist deep.

Sunday sucked though.  Over night it began to rain and continued fairly heavy till around 11am. Back on the hill the soft wet snow began to freeze as the temperature dropped quickly. By 2pm everything was icy and hard, no more glades.  Monday was a bluebird day and cold -20 c. Jay managed to get some groomers in order and it was fast. Like 70km + fast rocking down Jet.  

Not the best trip but Saturday was epic ... Tremblant might have been a better choice, they got snow rather then rain on the Sunday. 

Also of note all the staff at the Stateside Hotel seemed an little "off". Service was slowwww, staff didn't know where their own restaurants and shops were and there was a lot of rather odd rules. Example everything had to be paid up front when you checked in.  The outdoor hot tubs were closed if it was below 10F! which seemed crazy as that could be half your winter.  Anyway next time I'll stay on the Canadian side and cross over for the skiing.






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Very nice report. I especially love the last picture. Seeing the trails weave their way down from the summit of the Tram always gets my heart pumping. I think it's Vermonter right?

Jay Peak has definitely been going through a tough year and the present issues with the Tram are more unfortunate news. Even worse that it has to affect the Bonaventure quad too. Hopefully they can get everything in order soon.

Have you tried the waterpark or the Tramside hotels?

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Yeh that's the Vermonter, better photo attached.  I haven't tried the waterpark but I did go inside to check it out, there's a bar on the balcony looking down at the park,  pretty impressive. Haven't stayed at the Tramside hotel, I have a feeling its a better option then Stateside.  Also a photo of the Jet chair and trail on the fast hard packed Monday.



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Very nice. That shot and angle gets me every time. I love trails like that. Reminds me of La Crete at Mont-Sainte-Anne and the summit trails at Whiteface. Very unique experiences. 

Surprising of the Stateside lodging. It's newer (slightly) than both Tramside options. 

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