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The new thing in Finland, Snowshoe/Ski

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I though some of you might find this newish product interesting. OAC skis out of Finland is making a snowshoe/ski hybrid.  Basically its a short fat powder ski, with some built in mohair under foot for climbing. The bindings are like a snow shoe binding so you can use winter boots. You could probably also mount telemark spring bindings on the skis.  Anyway I noticed MEC is selling them in Ottawa and La Cordee in Montreal.  Info on the company and ski models here:  http://www.skinbased.com/

I think these would work great doing backcountry in the Gatineaus or on steepish snowshoe trails, like at Mont Cascade. 


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I saw something at the Ottawa Ali Show last weekend that was also interesting. It was a snowboard or skateboard with a big wheel in the middle and a hand brake on a cable. They had a promo video playing and it seems kind of neat. I think you also wore special boots that clip to it. Sorry but I can't remember what it was called. 

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Interesting, these look sort of like touring skis for backcountry and climbing up slopes, but you can use your own boots rather than actual ski boots. 

It could be an interesting option for more than one person who want to share a pair of touring skis (no need to buy your own boots or adjust bindings).

Based on recent times, I think this industry to going to see large growth in the coming years. It makes skiing more accessible for people who don't necessarily have the means to drop hundreds or thousands per year on access to downhill ski mountains. 

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