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Sommet Saint-Sauveur

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With the recent news of MSSI becoming Les Sommets, what are your thoughts on this change and what do you think the future will bring?

To me the mountain will always be Mont Saint-Sauveur and to many others as well. It built a name for itself and to now suddenly change is a little surprising. With no other major news linked to this change at this time it seems to mainly be a refresh and rebranding of the business rather than bigger news on the way. 

While it makes sense to rename their satellite mountains as Sommets to help identify them as all owned together, they do have an almost complete monopoly over the skiing in their region so the value on that point is fairly limited. It makes you wonder if other acquisitions of mountains are in the plans in the near future. 

What are your thoughts?

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Well I've never been to Mont Saint-Sauveur but I do go to Edelweiss a few times ever year, mainly because my wife does ski club there with her high school kids. I can say that out of all the ski hills near Ottawa, Edelweiss has the worse grooming/snow making, and almost never has all its runs open at once.  I'm not impressed with how its run in fact if any hill was to close it would be Edelweiss.  The new Sommets branding is not going to help.

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I don't have much issue with Edelweiss other than the chalet definitely needs improvement / expansion / etc. 

Its functional but on busy days you can walk the various areas indefinitely with no hope of a spot to go. I've been many times where people sit in the connecting hallways between the main level and the round house. 

Hopefully the future has chalet improvements in store 

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They do have good snowmaking and a decent number of groomers. Personally I'd like to see all that utilized more fully to maximize potential. 

Coming back to the original topic, they do mention new websites and webcams are coming. Always appreciated to have an idea of what to expect before arriving. 

I would like to see a lift reinstalled at Morin Heights to give better access to the secondary parking lot. You can presently ski down to the parking but to get to the chalet and lifts you need to take the shuttle bus. The old double chairlift "Access" worked well. I found it to be a unique feature of the mountain. 

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