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ASA - Madawaska Mountain (1970-2013)


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Anyone know the fate of Madawaska Mountain? its a ski hill just south of Barry's Bay. Has/had about 18-20 runs serviced by a single T-bar. At the end of last season it went up for sale. The whole place was going for $600,000 on Realtor.ca then $500,000 now its not posted. I hope someone is going to try and take it over, if not it might be a good hill to do some telemarking/touring on.


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I found the mountain on Google Maps. Looks to be a nice size. Unfortunate it is closed. It must have been operating relatively recently to be listed on Google Maps as permanently closed, instead of not even being recognized.


It seems to be about 2 hours from Mount Antoine in Mattawan, Ontario, a mountain that has recently gone through a sort of rebirth. It operated until 2000, and was closed until 2014-2015 ski season.

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Yeh it was open last year but I never got a chance to check it out. Their website was still up until recently. The sale came with two groomers, one very new, plus a nice large lodge with rental section, kitchen etc... I'm not sure they had any snow making guns though. Looking at the Google view you could make some nice glade runs with a little thinning.  If I had $500,000 to burn I'd buy it LOL.

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Interesting. Hopefully someone with interest buys and reopens. Do you know what the vertical was? Similar to Chilly?

In the meantime, this discussion has re-peaked my interest in Mount Antoine. Perhaps a visit this winter. It's only 3h30 from Ottawa. 

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I found this info on the hill:

Elevation: Top: 1,350 ft.     Base: 900 ft.     Vertical Drop: 450 ft.
Total Terrain: 193 acres     Longest Run: 5,280 ft.
Difficulty: Beginner: 35%     Intermediate: 35%     Most Difficult: 30%


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Judging by the pictures on the Realtor site, it doesn't appear to have any lifts still installed... hard to say for sure.

For the price looks like a great opportunity for someone wanting to dive into operating a ski mountain, or even just keeping it private. Very interesting.

The vertical drop is fairly good as well.

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