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New trail map for Mont Rigaud


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On this rainy late summer day that is feeling more and more like the start of fall, I was checking out Mont Rigaud's website and noticed that they seem to have updated their trail map.

I'll be up-front, I've never visited this mountain but it's on my short list for the near future. It seems that there is a new trail that was not on the map previously, trail #12, to the right of the O'Keefe trail. It's marked as a glade... Anyone familiar with this mountain know if it's new, or something that previously existed but only now is being recognized on the map?



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No, it's not new. It seems to be new on the map, but it's been accessible for a long time. I went there for the first time probably 12-14 years ago, and I remember it being there. In the past, the "off-the-map" glade usually started near that little drop on the top section, near the sun ray on the map. It's very possible they added a small section so it's accessible from the top of the hill. Don't be fooled by the black diamond rating though - it's quite flat, like the green trail beside it. It's probably one of the flattest downhill slopes I've been on, i.e. you're using your poles to walk a large part of the time. The flip-side though is that it's nice and long given the vertical of the mountain. I've attached some pictures of the glade I've taken. 



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