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Looking back on Winter


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As I sit here in my studio working away on my latest batch of photos, the sun is beaming in and all I can think about is how awesome last night's mountain bike ride was. I guess this means that I've changed gears and am ready for summer because it wasn't too long ago that I was sitting in this very spot, daydreaming about my next snowboarding day out on Southern Ontario's rolling hills. Isn't it amazing that we live in a part of the world where we get to enjoy such distinct seasons, surrounded by a landscape that caters to actions sports that connect us with the beauty of nature? I think so.

Before going full tilt into summer and sharing mountain bike adventures I wanted to take a minute to reflect on this past winter. It was a long, cold, snowy winter. To the average Canadian, that's something to complain about but to those of us who live to ski/snowboard, the long, cold, snowy winter of 2013-2014 is one that we will remember for a long time. From November until the end of April, parts of Ontario and Québec had some of the best conditions I can ever remember in this area. The conditions were a bonus, but I want to break it down further. Great conditions meant more time on the hill and more opportunities to ride with friends, family and even make new friends. So in turn, the long winter was good for the community. It's the end of May and we're still talking about it!



Community is what I love most about skiing and snowboarding, especially around here where the hills are small. It's such a beautiful thing to see a family or a group of friends enjoying an activity together no matter how small or how marginal the condidtions can be...but this year, well this year the conditions were amazing! As much as our community doesn't need good conditions to get out there, it sure helps and I've never seen our community so strong.



For me, the community starts with the family unit. We grew up skiing with our parents, brothers and sisters. As years passed we skied with other families we grew up next to and eventually new families were formed from those relationships and the cycle continues. As an active family photographer, my job and mission is to show these special bonds. This past winter I had the pleasure of spending time with several really awesome families leaving them with some photographs that will go a long way in preserving the memories we make every weekend as we go up and down 600 vertical feet in -20, snowy weather. You see, it's about so much more than good conditions, long runs or even getting a work out, it's about spending time together outside and growing relationships that go beyond what you can put into words. All that from a hill covered in snow!




I'll leave you with a few more of my favourite images from this past winter. They're memories for the families I photographed and yet, they're memories that I myself will cherish because for 2 hours at a time I was welcomed into these families as we skied around the hills, sharing stories, turns and stoping here and there to take some portraits. The community is strong!





Enjoy your summer...winter is about 6 months away! 

Check out the Active Family Photo website to see more from these shoots.

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