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The Passion, The Adventure : It's why we ski


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Why do we ski?
Why do we go out in -15'c or even colder temperatures?
Why do we risk getting our cars stuck or worse, on the trek to the mountains?

Because it is our passion. It's what drives us. It is who we are. Skiers!

We are not superman, we are not fearless, but we seek adventure and excitement. Whether you started when you were young, or just recently fell in love with the sport, you are part of something big. A passion, an interest, a life story and certainly a lifestyle.

From getting excited from the first snowfall, to counting the days till the weekend, a true skier always has skiing on his mind.

We live on an amazing planet, with so many regions and mountain ranges to explore and discover. Wherever you live, odds are you can enjoy the sport. And lets be honest, if you are reading this and you are on this site, you probably live near or relatively close to a ski area or mountain, so I'll assume you are a skier or snowboarder.

What are your days like? How do they start?

Here's my story. For me, once the weekend hits, and even before, I'm thinking of my game plan, my manifesto of where I will be. Living in Quebec, sure, the mountains for the most part don't compare to what is offered in the west of Canada as far as size. But what Quebec does offer is infinite choices. There are around 70 ski areas, some small, some quite large, but surely all offering something special, and something unique. Imagine, a typical person goes skiing about 20-25 times a year. In Quebec, it could conceivably take you 3 years to experience everything, if each time you went to a different place. But I digress....

Back to the story. Wake up at 6:30am, without an alarm clock I should add. My heart racing, the cold skiing blood coursing through my veins. I leave the comfort of the warm bed behind and enter the comparatively cooler temperature of my home, supposedly acclimatizing myself for what is to come in the day. A quick breakfast of cereal and yogurt, and I'm packing my bags. Moments later, the ski outfit goes on, and once my act is all together, I'm out the door. No need for a GPS, a skier has perfect sense of direction, and can easily pick up on the scent of the mountain air.

Add another 30 minutes to 5 hours of driving and I arrive at the mountain of the day. Again, another boost of excitement, the adrenaline building, the heart racing. As fast as the Flash, on go the ski boots and everything else is ready. Of course, that's not a trivial feat, after all, I did have the whole week to practice the routine. We don't want to waste more time than necessary putting on ski boots, when we can be on the slopes now do we?

Heading to the chairlift, the anticipation is unbearable. Lining up for the chair, a quick glance behind sees it round the bull wheel and come in for the catch, and the journey up the mountain begins. The most difficult decision is now upon you, which trail to enjoy first? The fresh new snow. The perfectly groomed lines flow down the mountain. The undisturbed glades and secret stashes of snow await.

From the simple long green trails to the more exciting diamonds, the swelling excitement is finally satiated. Even the chairlift rides, soaring through the air, provide a moment's pause to the action, and allow you to admire the impressive and expansive views.

And so begins another epic day. Meeting up with friends, seeing familiar faces. Having the usual lunch at the cafeteria or restaurant.

Trips going to different resorts outside those usually visited in a winter, make for an even more exciting weekend getaway. I'll never forget my first visit to Owl's Head, in Quebec's Eastern Townships. The awe inspiring views of the lake below, on each and every run, were breathtaking. It is now among one of my top 5 ski resorts to ski every winter. Same for my first visit to Mont Sutton, in the middle of an incredible snow storm one February. It was coming down so heavily, you could barely see in front of you. Perhaps not the ideal way to first experience a new ski resort, especially since I wasn't familiar with the mountain, and now I couldn't see. Still, it proved to be a memorable and unforgettable adventure.

Why do we ski? Because we love the excitement, the discovery, the adventure. Perhaps we were groomed into it by our parents when we were young. Maybe it was the desire to try something new. With every turn, the passion grows ever stronger, the memories ever fonder. The magic of winter continues. We may not all be Olympic athletes, but from time to time, we get to meet one.

To the outside observer, it seems like a job. To you and me, 'It's a lifestyle'!

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