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Ski Edelweiss - January 25, 2016


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I decided to start my week the best way I know by taking a day off and go ski. I went to my Ski Edelweiss since that's where I have my season pass. Got there 30 min after the opening at 9 and was on the chairlift not to long after. The day was overcast with the trail being Machine groomed powder on a firm base from what their site said. I was lucky enough to be one of the first to make tracks in the snow. Even though I was part of the first one on the hill there was still some icy patch in a few of the runs which I was kind of disappointed to see since the hill just opened, I would have expected them to at least try to work the trail a bit more to remove it as much as possible. Once I’ve learned the area where the patch of ice had been located I was able to just go around them. I Skied up until 2pm and overall it was a great day with mild temperatures and low traffic up until I left when about 60 students of a school showed up which I did not mind since I was leaving. Overall a great day I could take a day like this over any other day stuck at the office! 




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Nice report Stef. Thank you for sharing. The trails at Edelweiss are always fun, nice length and vertical. Plus you can reach everything from one lift and always end in the main base area. 

Let's hope the weather stabilizes in the cold, so that we don't have any more turns to the ski conditions until March or April :)

Do you usually ski during the day or evenings?

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I agree the length and vertical is nice those are the main reason why I got my season pass there it's worth the drive.

I usually ski during the day on weekends either on Saturday morning during my kids lessons or Sunday afternoon and once in a while I just get a day off to my self and go during the week !!

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I love skiing Zoomer, good speed on the first pitch. The path to the right on the first pitch has a small natural jump, due to the ridge in the terrain. Great for getting a bit of air.

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