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Mont Blanc - January 12, 2015


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The weather held lots of promise, with more comfortable temperatures and snow forecasted throughout the day.

I set my sights on discovering a new mountain, one that had been calling to me for a very long time. After reading about Jake’s many visits to Mont Blanc, I knew it was finally time to discover it myself. Having passed it many times on Highway 15, and having explored part of the mountain on foot in the off-season, I had an idea of what to expect. But the reality was even more. This is quite the ski resort. Not only is there world-class skiing, Mont Blanc has on site lodging, with hotel rooms and studios, an indoor adventure gym for young kids that also serves as a daycare (called Jungle Magique), indoor pool, 2 lodges, 3 hill sides, impeccable ski conditions and more. It has everything one needs for a short visit to a long stay.

Let’s get to the good stuff, the mountain is big. The trails are wide and vast. Of the ones I tried, they all seemed to have a good constant pitch to them, no long flat sections here. The snow surface and quality of the grooming was very impressive. It also happened to be snowing quite a bit the entire day, so a fresh covering was constantly being laid down.

Recalling several blog entries from Jake, I quickly set out to explore the mountain and find its many iconic landmarks, including the Sugar Shack, which for some reason, I always felt was closer to the base of the mountain, instead of at the summit.

Skiing such classics such as the Slalom Géant, and the Renard, I quickly was feeling the pulse of this mountain. Heading over to the Mont Faustin side, the trails had a more relaxed feel to them, wide cruisers with big open terrain, letting you carve to your heart’s content.

I also took the opportunity to explore some of the glades, which seems to be able to appeal to all skill levels.

Taking a mid-day break in the lodge, I did some exploring to discover that although the buildings seem separate, they are all connected indoors. You truly can come up for a weekend and leave your car during your stay. The hotel rooms are directly above the lodge, and you can come out into the cafeteria, or access any services you need. The lodge also gives an impressive view of the ski slopes, so a quick meal or snack is never boring.

Back on the slopes, I continued my exploration, and as the day finally came to a close, I knew I would return in the not too distant future. You can tell the mountain is able to adapt to the needs of its visitors. From the very friendly staff, to the healthy food options in the cafeteria, to the lodging options and the beginner trail offerings, and the abundance of snow, Mont Blanc definitely shines as a beacon in the Laurentians and the Quebec ski industry.

I guarantee if you go and try it, for sure you’re gonna love it!









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