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Camp Fortune - March 21, 2023

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With night skiing slated to end on March 22, I decided to take my sister on a birthday ski trip for our last night ski of the season. We arrived at 3pm, and immediately headed to Heggtveit to improve our confidence on steep runs, as we had both finally conquered Ottawa’s steepest trail this year!



We then headed to the Valley sector, skiing the glades off Marshal and Slalom one last time for the season:5B729811-1E43-4193-9443-0F11999E7608.thumb.jpeg.d7fbb12eb18dff38eaacae80fc61850e.jpeg


While the Meech Glades (which are usually closed during night ski pass hours) are my favourite on the hill, a more recent favourite has been Duffy, which is also seldom open, in contrast with the above Marshall glades which are all open much more frequently. We decided to ski Duffy a few times, enjoying the spring snow conditions and deep snowbase:


I particularly love this natural “chute” through the rocks, as it makes the run look much more difficult than reality:


After a few laps on the terrain park, we headed back to Skyline just as the lights were turning on. 

We enjoyed one final look at the Ottawa night skyline: 



By 8pm, we were ready to head home after skiing nearly 20 runs. Many good memories with friends and family were had here over the course of the night ski season, and I appreciated the cheap night pass allowing for frequent and affordable skiing!
The previous Saturday was one of my best night for night skiing with friends, where heavy snow started to fall at random moments on an oddly quiet and mostly sunny weekend night of skiing, making for some memorable conditions.



As the ski season wanes, I am already looking forward to the memories made night skiing at Camp Fortune next year!

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