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Mont Bellevue - March 25, 2023

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Back to skiing it was, since the trip to New Hampshire (Black Mountain) earlier in the month. Took a bit of a break. Today was at Mont Bellevue for what is to be their last weekend of the 2022-23 season. Tomorrow is supposed the last day. We arrived at the hill at 8:30 to a few cars in the parking lot, and were the first skis on the rack. The morning had started out sunny, but progressively was clouding over as the morning went along. Lots of space in the chalet to get ready as it wasn't crowded, and to print our tickets from the portable kiosk they have there. A simple scan of the bar code from the e-ticket that's emailed to you when you purchase online.


It had been mild, and rained a bit during the week. Coverage was still pretty decent considering, and conditions were machine groomed granular over a firm base. It skied fast for the first few runs but started to soften up as the morning progressed. There were a few icy patches that were forming however, but there was plenty of space to avoid them. The snow was consistent were ever you skied. Absolutely zero line up at the Quad.




It has been a great season at Bellevue. I don't think I've skied here as many times throughout the season as I have had this year. Usually it has been a couple of times at most during a season. This year it was seven! With the kids starting their first year of skiing this has been an excellent place for them to start. Even though the terrain at Bellevue fairly easy, its a great place for beginners. It is not expensive to ski here, and very friendly on the pocket book for families. We are very lucky to have a hill like this operated by the city of Sherbrooke, and close by. Even though the Poma was down all year, the line up at the Quad was really decent. I am uncertain what the future of the Poma will be, as it is need of major repairs. No word as of yet if it will be replaced or simply dismantled. 

Thank you to Bellevue for a great season, and for making it affordable for Abby, Lukas, and myself to ski here. We will be back again next year!

Some More Scenes From the Day:




Here is a blast from the past - hanging on the wall in the chalet is a photo from what looks like the 1960's or maybe early 1970's of the chalet at that time!


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Great pics as always Paul. It looked like a nice day out on the slopes near the end of the season. It's surprising how well the snowpack is holding up thus far. Usually, around this time of year, it would have become quite thin at most ski areas, but most are still advertising nearly 100% of their trails open.

It's like they always say, which seems like it will apply this year: They run out of skiers before they run out of snow.

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The snowpack is holding up considering the warmth and rain we have had this season. Usually Bellevue runs until the end of March. I remember when they were installing the Quad, they closed a little earlier that year and by the next week they were dismantling the old Double Chair, and the other Poma.

It was pretty much ski down and on to the lift on Saturday. 

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