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Mont Chilly - March 5, 2023

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In the Pontiac region of Western Quebec is a ski hill called Mont Chilly. It had been a couple years since I've skied the 430ft vertical hill near Fort-Coulonge.  Not much has changed, in fact not much has changed since the 1960's. The hill is accessed via a single T-bar. There are roughly 5 trails with alternate branches. A mix of groomers, glades and steep bump runs.  The last two months have been kind snow wise and the base was great, with a bit of powder left from the 20cm storm the day before.  The T-bar started moving at 10am and the sun came out. We were down to base layers and no gloves an hour later as the temperature got above zero. Laid back and rewarding as always I'll be coming back to Chilly.  Adult lift tickets are $35 (cash only), the hill is open on weekends only (10-4pm) unless specified on their Facebook site and the snow is all natural. 


















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Hi Gordo, not sure what happened but I fixed the pictures for you :)

Great report. Beautiful pics that really show the character and nature of the mountain. How would you compare the far right double diamond trail? Do you find it compares to another trail in the region as far as difficulty?

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Hi Shane

Thanks for fixing that. I'd say the steep bump run (#4) is similar to Swan Dive at Camp Fortune.  It might be a little wider but the exit is more difficult. 

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I've never been to ski Chilly but it looks really old school there. I can see and feel the laid back vibe they have through your photos. Thank you for sharing them! 

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