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Black Mountain, NH - March 2, 2023

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With school break in full swing, we spent a few days in North Conway, NH with the kids. The last time below the border for me skiing was February of 2019, or anyone in the family for that matter since we had gone down to the USA. I had thought of a few places that I would maybe ski, and ended up choosing Black Mountain. I had been here in March 2016 where they did not have much snow that year, and what they had gotten soon melted days later. This time there was snow! In the days prior to my arrival they received 18 - 24 inches, and the night before my visit another 6 or so inches.


Black Mountain is about 25 minutes from North Conway, in the town of Jackson. I arrived just at 9 am and I was actually the third car in the parking lot! I had forgotten about the road leading to Black, and how hilly it was. I almost didn't make it up there as the road was not done yet. It was snowing pretty hard with decent size flakes that were accumulating rather quickly. It was already getting mild upon arrival. It was Throwback Thursday so lift tickets were $30 USD which was a great deal especially on a day like this, a powder day. The East Bowl Triple Chair was lift of the day. They do also have a Summit Double with a mid-station, and Platter Lift, and Rope Tow. They also have the oldest lift still running, the J-Bar on the slope behind Whitney's Inn. Originally it was a shovel tow. Handles that would hang from the cable like shovel handles. The handles were eventually replaced by J-Bars. 

The conditions were absolutely fantastic! The groomer had made some passes on the trails I had been skiing. On top of the groomed areas there was at least 4-6 inches of additional snow, and then there was the deep stuff left over from the beginning of the week. There was no waiting to get on the triple chair whatsoever to get at the goods. Normally I notice what the trail names are when skiing anywhere I go, but this went out the window when I got off the lift, and my skis disappeared in the snow. I'll let the following photos speak for themselves! 






As it was warming up, the snow was getting heavier, and wet but still great to ski. My legs are not used to skiing the heavier stuff so I was done by 11:30. I didn't want to overdo it so it was time to call it. I didn't want to risk an injury. My knees were feeling it. My gloves, pants, and jacket were soaked with the snow melting as I was riding the lift. I had a really great time here at Black today, and if anyone is in the mood for old school New England style skiing, this is the place to go. I would totally recommend Black Mountain, NH and what it has to offer. Just remember that it is hilly to get here. Until next time Black Mountain!

Here Are A Few More Scenes From the Morning:






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Beautiful experience Paul. It looks like it was a great powder day at a mountain I never knew before. It is incredible how these places tend to be quite big, vast and spread out, with beautiful forests and trails to explore. Looking it up online, it has 45 trails, 143 skiable acres and a vertical drop of 1100 feet. Very impressive!

The trail map has a Sutton feel to it with what seems like plenty of narrow trails and junctions between them.

Thanks for sharing!

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Great report Paul! I heard that Black mountain is an independent, old-school resort that usually does not have good snow conditions due to it facing south, but that did not seem to be the case with your visit-so much powder and so empty! 

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