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Mont Ste Marie - February 13, 2023

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The absolute easiest would be the magic carpet at the very base area, and then Promenade which is located between Cheval Blanc and Vanier mountains. It is typically only open on weekends. 

After that, the rest is intermediate. Bellevue is a good intermediate cruiser that is not too difficult and is fairly smooth. Regardless of which trail you take from the summit, you will reach the bottom pitch which is steeper. At that point take the Caroline Calvé trail at the bottom, it is a bit steeper than Bellevue but fairly wide so you can take it slower if you need to.

Alternatively you can also try Frank Pouliotte from Cheval Blanc to return to Vanier. It is similar to Bellevue but narrower and has nice views and is really fun. It isn't a trail you would do over and over as once you reach the bottom you would have to traverse back over to Cheval Blanc again to go back up. But it is worth experiencing once you are comfortable with Bellevue and or Serenade. 

Beyond all of those, Carousel on Cheval Blanc is another nice one but at the very top there is a steep drop and then a flat section. Since it gets quite flat, you can take it fast to help make you cross that areas without having to pole or walk to the next drop. The next drop is a bit steeper and can sometimes be icy. After that, it is relatively flat and smooth, and is very easy.

Hope this all helps. It's quite a nice mountain, but it is good to know in advance that there are no (green/easy/beginner) trails necessarily from the summit, they are pretty much all intermediates.

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