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Mont Bellevue - January 21, 2023


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Back at Bellevue with the kids! They had been wanting to go again, and asking multiple times this past week so off we went. I had booked another 2-hour block online last night along with rentals for my son. We had gone last night to a shop in Sherbrooke that I get my skis done, and they were having a moving sale so we went to check it out. We walked with a new pair of skis, and boots for my daughter. She was pretty happy, and couldn't wait to try out her new stuff. 

We arrived at the hill for 8:30 to mainly cloudy skies with the sun trying to poke through. It was fairly mild, just at about -5 degrees. What a difference a couple of weeks make! We did get some snow throughout the week and a bit but not the dump we desperately need. 5 of the 10 trails were open along with the Quad & Magic Carpet. The conditions were great with a groomed packed powder on a firm base. Not a patch of ice anywhere.


The warm up was on the Magic Carpet for the kids for a couple of runs. Once this was completed, we headed over the Quad. It was my son's first time on the lift, and seemed quite nervous at first about being so high up, but that wore off quickly. We headed down Trail 1, a nice easy trail that comes out by the front chalet. Lukas, by the fourth run wanted to take a break so he headed for the fire pit, and Abby & I went back to the Quad for a couple of more runs.

Trail 1 Looking Up and Down: 



We went under the Quad chair for Abby's first time on this trail, and back over to the chalet. Looking around by the fire pit we didn't see Lukas anywhere until we saw him coming down trail 1 in front of the chalet. He had done a couple of runs by himself up the Magic Carpet. The line up at the Quad was not more than 2-3 minutes at most. 

Trail 3 Under the Quad & Heading Back to the Chalet:



The Lineup at The Quad:


We did one more trip up the Magic Carpet to end off the morning. We were done by 11:00 and the parking lot was full. People were parking on the street that enter the lot at both ends. Everyone had a great morning of skiing, and we'll most likely be back a few times before the end of the season!

A Few More Scenes From the Day:




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@Shane they are truly beginners this year, and they are actually doing quite well. Abby's 4th time skiing ever, and Lukas' third. The have a good stance with the snowplow and doing turns. They are both excited to ski and ask me multiple times "When is the next time we are going?". That's a good sign. Bellevue is the best place for them right now, and not expensive for rentals or lift tickets. Very lucky to have Bellevue in town!

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