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Camp Fortune - January 6, 2023

Matteo C

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Last Friday, some friends and I decided to head to Camp Fortune one last time before the Christmas break was over, and school and work made life busier! We arrived at 3pm, and after getting dressed in the lodge, we headed to the Skyline lift. B597B711-ABD8-444D-B4D6-437B5556016D.thumb.jpeg.6b432a6c9b3eec5d7244b6e08b3dec19.jpegTemperatures were hovering at around 0 C, but surprisingly, the snow was not as soft and mogulled as our previous outings in similar weather. Rather, the snow conditions were on the harder and uneven side, though still significantly better than skiing large moguls. Additionally, there was not a single patch of ice to be found! Due to large lines on the main (Valley) side of the hill, our group stuck mostly to Skyline, skiing the runs Sparks and Bud Clark. The poor visibility caused by fog and clouds made for some amazing photos. 3664478C-1118-4373-9AB9-8918C9B28748.thumb.jpeg.b2dbaebd6dc265172bb8eac345934c28.jpeg4087A6D3-8776-471B-A3CF-0F77E7E6C342.thumb.jpeg.8d0ac45dee59651e1f63d82e8d5beece.jpeg
On our third run, we had gotten 30 seconds into the chairlift ride when the lights switched off, followed by the lift! Immediately, I feared the worst, though an announcement came on saying that it was NOT a power outage, but rather a circuit overload! After a few minutes, the lift started to spin again, with the lights taking another 10 minutes to fully warm/fire up. This meant that one run was skied in near darkness with poor visibility, an interesting experience and a foreshadowing of the conditions at Tremblant a few days later! (It was darker than the following photo may appear!)235CF6F0-0B4A-4EDC-955B-A51802FBBC13.thumb.jpeg.dac5735e7373c5e6248daf644ed0d08a.jpegOnce the night fell, the glow of the lights against the backdrop of the white frost/snow/ice covered trees made for some stunning scenery, in addition to the snow that started to fall from the sky.F9446C22-C8A7-422E-BF00-8863A3680806.thumb.jpeg.665a0ed52cd24ff864b2bb7054a7eb3e.jpegFD0D9621-8B81-49A9-8D57-4B5190B6E2BC.thumb.jpeg.365e9adfaeea584e9576fde1af611bd5.jpegF59DF9FB-D8A6-412B-A45B-37E74CD7A558.thumb.jpeg.87154469b865d5babe932333b3c6806e.jpegA2BD9EDE-8BA9-465B-A91D-7F9F13AE0050.thumb.jpeg.a61007ae8a8b02a4d0e081113351f034.jpegC10B2792-954D-417B-99C6-704F5C0AF7EF.thumb.jpeg.ee3b1a03e715f9a2b8b7f1065eb28bdd.jpegWe took advantage of the low crowds on  Skyline, and skied until closing! Overall a great night with some amazing conditions. 

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It's great to see that Camp Fortune has nearly all the main trails open, other than 2 on Skyline and 2 on the Valley, with Meech opening tentatively by next weekend. The return of the cold weather and the recent snowstorm really made a significant difference. Better late than never!

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