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New Chairlift coming in 2024 to Mont Rigaud


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We are pleased to announce the purchase of a chair lift from Bromont, montagne d'expériences. This lift is currently in operation at Versant des Épinettes, in Bromont. The chairlift is a Poma quadruple lift and is equipped with a Chairkit boarding mat, just like our current lift.

The addition of this second chair will meet the growing traffic of the ski community in the region and will meet the mountain development objectives. In the context of strong price growth, Mont Rigaud considers this acquisition an important business opportunity and a unique opportunity to get our hands on equipment that is very well maintained and in excellent condition.

The dismantling of the ski lift in Bromont will begin in the spring of 2023. The lift will then be transported to Mount Rigaud. It is an exhaustive project involving a lot of work, such as engineering, field preparation, foundations, and re-assembly, followed by tests and inspections to meet current safety and compliance standards. This major project represents an investment of more than $2M. We are planning to start operating the lift during the 2024-2025 ski season.

Follow the progress of this major project on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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As a former Mmont Rigaud skier, I always wondered why they never ran the t-bar, and jut had one lift. I know in recent years they have gotten extremely busy as they are Western Montreal's (and outlying suburbs') closest ski hill, and wondered how their single fixed grip lift was able to keep up with demand, as a similar hill, Mont Bruno, has 6 chairlifts! I think this will be a great addition to the mountain, and I definitely hope to return someday!

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It's great that Rigaud will be getting this Quad Chair. A little history on the this particular lift. It's combination of two lifts actually, of the same identical model Poma that Bromont installed in 2011 or 2012. One was purchased from Mont Joye, not to far away from where I am, and the other was from Gray Rocks. Bromont refurbished both lifts to combine them into one. I had ridden the one from Mont Joye the one and only time I skied there. 

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There was a news report this week in which they said that the new Quad would definitively be in operation by the 2024-25 ski season at the latest, but if it is open sooner it will be.

It will be located about 100 metres to the left of the existing Quad, in the Express trail, and it is suggested it will have a loading carpet as well.

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