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Mont Bellevue - January 7, 2023


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fullsizeoutput_1681.thumb.jpeg.927e4676b93a6ca92ca43b96ad11e8f1.jpegToday's visit was to Mont Bellevue, our local ski hill in the heart of the city of Sherbrooke. The weather has been absolutely horrible as of late with very little snow, and what snow that has fallen, has since melted with warm temperatures and rain. We are in desperate need of a good old fashioned dump of snow. 4 of the 10 trails at Bellevue were opened with the Magic Carpet, and the Quad. The Poma has been closed for the season, and won't be operating. I haven't heard the reason why for the closure. Today was a family day for skiing as my daughter, and son were asking to go. So Bellevue was it. It is a great hill for beginners to "cut their skis" on as most of the terrain here is easy. 


We arrived at 8:45 to get the kids set up for their rental skis, and boots. It was cloudy and just below freezing. The trails were groomed during the night however with the temperatures dropping, there was a light crust. This crust was no trouble with the amount of skiers today as it was turning to a loose granular snow. It was laps up the Magic Carpet with the kids to start.


I purchased a 2 Hour block to start us off with as this was the kids first time skiing this year. It was my son's second time on skis. He skied last season for an outing with his school at Orford. My daughter was on her fourth time on skis, so they are true beginners. We took our time not to rush, or to crash!


After about three runs my son decided to hang out by the fire pit, and rest. My daughter, after her runs decided that she was ready for the Quad, and head to the top. We made only 1 run up as we were nearing our time limit on our ticket. Trail 1 from the top was of loose granular over a firm base. The was no wait at the Quad. There were a fair amount of children today taking lessons or like us skiing with their parents. 


We where done by 11:00 o'clock as it was time up for our 2 hour block. We had a great time, and a great introduction to skiing for Abby and Lukas. Bellevue is a great place for them to learn how to ski. We are very fortunate to have this hill not to far away from our place. Looking forward for another trip with them later on this season.

Here Are Some Other Scenes of the Day:  




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Beautiful mountain right in the city. Wish there was more of this around.

How old are your children? My son is about to turn 4 and considering getting him started but he isn't totally interested it would seem.

Question about the t-bar/magic carpet. Is the T-Bar still used? In your pic it doesn't look like it has any T bars attached to it. 


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Abby is 15, and Lukas is 11. They seemed more interested going this year than last. Over the summer they were asking about skiing, wanting to go. 

The lift beside the Magic Carpet is a detachable Pomalift. All the perches are at the bottom. The Poma is a great way to get your laps in as the running speed is a touch faster than the Quad, and usually not as busy. There used to be 2 Pomas at Bellevue. One was dismantled when they were constructing the Quad. I haven't heard why the Poma has been closed for the season. I got to ride it last season. 

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