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Hiking - Ski Vorlage - September 18, 2021


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This past Saturday, we visited Wakefield and decided to hike up and down Ski Vorlage. The mountain is part of the Wakefield Trails network (a collection of official hiking and walking trails in and around Wakefield). For the trek up Vorlage, we followed the gravel path that works its way up the mountain via North Slope and Snow Dance ski trails. The bottom section of the trail is a bit steep, same for the very final pitch near the top but the rest is fairly easy to handle without too much effort. 

With our little toddler in tow, or I should say, nestled safely and comfortably (although he would vocally disagree) in the Osprey backpack carrier, we started our ascent. As mentioned just above, the first pitch at the bottom while not overly steep, did present a challenge due to the added weight while climbing. Once we passed this short pitch on the slope, it went much better. Weaving back and forth along the way up, we got to see increasing views of the mountain range in the distance. 

Once at the summit, you are treated to great views off into the distance. The valley of Wakefield clearly visible, with the many roofs, shops, restaurants and lodging. 

While at the summit, you can also walk a bit further beyond the top of the chairlift to see the radio antenna installation, for those interested. 

We decided to head back down the mountain the exact same way we went up, via Snow Dance and North Slope. The gravel trail only follows this path, so if you go off through other trails, you will be walking in taller grass, and realistically, those options aren't listed on the Wakefield Trails map anyways, so best to always stick to where you belong.

For the descent, our toddler insisted that he walk, and sure enough, he handled it quite well without much issue. Of course, we held his hand firmly to help ensure he stayed on his feet, as it can be easier to fall or trip while going down a mountain than heading up.

The round trip took about an hour and a half approximately, although, for those without a young one in tow, the loop would be half of that.

A great time out on the mountain and slopes, a few months before the snow starts to fall. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and plan to return to do a repeat when the fall colours are at their peak. Stay tuned!

Click here to learn more about Wakefield Trails.

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