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East Coast Ski Hill Openings

Matteo C

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A few small Midwestern resorts opened a small area of artificial snow 2 weeks ago, with some Colorado resorts opening their lifts last week. Still seems like a good 4 weeks until the majority of East Coast ski hills can open their doors, even with just one trail of man-made 'snow'! 

On the topic of the midwest, Teton Gravity Research has just released a second part to their wildly successful ski doc In Pursuit of Soul, which explored independent, family-run resorts that were on the Indy Pass. It was marketing at its finest, and after a part one featuring hills in the West and East coasts, the second doc explores the tiny hills of the midwest, which in my opinion are similar to the smaller resorts of the Ottawa/Gatineau area. I have never seen such a high quality documentary made on small resorts, and loved every minute of it. I will link it below:


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Mont Saint Marie has started snowmaking, and has announced that the week will look promising for good snowmaking temps, especially at night, and to stay tuned for an opening day announcement. Realistically, it will probably be the 25-27 weekend, though I wonder if one trail can be made in time for this weekend-though I highly doubt that for a mountain this size!


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I plan on going to Tremblant the 27th with my university's ski club, but I might head to fortune the 25th as well, as I want to get the hang of my new equipment before heading somewhere large and far! With the cold temps, I wonder if this weekend is a possibility for opening? 

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Seems like next Saturday will be opening day for Fortune and MSM. I hoped they would open midweek, as I would have gotten some practice on the new equipment before heading to Tremblant next Sunday, but oh well. Still nice to have a november opening this season!

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