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Calabogie Peaks joins Indy Pass

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We are excited to announce our partnership with The Indy Pass, making Calabogie Peaks the first Eastern Canadian resort to join the coalition of independent mountains.

"The Indy Pass supports scores of independent resorts in the US and Western Canada, and we are excited to be the first in our region to share Ontario hospitality with their passholders”, said Paul Murphy, owner of Calabogie Peaks Resort.

"Calabogie Peaks is a great addition to the Indy family of resorts. We are excited to have a new partner in Eastern Ontario to complement our outstanding New England roster," said Indy Pass founder Doug Fish.


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Before the pandemic I was going to go for the Indy Pass at the time as it had quite a few places that I wanted to go to. At the the time it was $199USD. Would saved me to a ton of cash. It's great that Calabogie is a part of Indy along with Loch Lomond. Eastern Canada has finally made it! They need to get a few others on board in Ontario and in Quebec. Atlantic Canada would be interesting as well.

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From what I've read, the pass gives you 2 free days of skiing and then a discounted 3rd and that's it. Am I understanding it correctly?

For a place like Calabogie where you pay around $50-60 dollars per visit, and with an Indy pass around $300-400 ish, I'm not sure the value is super good. I must be missing something on how it works but their site suggests 2 free visits and a 3rd at a discount.

Or is it 2 free visits plus a 3rd at a discount, per mountain. So you could go to many mountains with each being visited 2 times (3 if you pay extra)?

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I believe it is 2 visits per Mountain. Not sure about the discount on subsequent visits. Also the base pass would include blackout dates like holidays, Christmas week, and what I remember it as referred to as President's Week. There's an upgrade to not have any blackouts. There also areas the are Allied Partners which you do receive discounts at those areas. 

They'll need to have more areas in Eastern Canada to make it worth while here. With Sherbrooke being 45 minutes to the border, for me it would work. New Hampshire is approximately and hour and a half for me, Maine would be roughly 2 hours depending on where I cross.

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The Indy Pass is a coalition of independent mountains in the US and Canada. These mountains offer a great combination of terrain, value and service. Each resort offers a unique experience for skiers and snowboarders, but there is a common thread of hospitality, great value and fun that runs through all of them.

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