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Mont Glen will reopen this year!

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La station du mont Glen revivra | Affaires | La Voix de l’Est - Granby (lavoixdelest.ca)

Mont Glen will reopen this year after a former owner Peter White purchased the mountain. The chalet has been entirely renovated, and there will be skiing. They are still accessing if the existing ski lift will be operational or if they will install a Poma handle tow or something to get skiers up for this year.

Snowmaking will be available in the following season of 2023.

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The only thing is that both double chairs need replacement unless the previous owners had kept up the maintenance since closing. It is great that the chalet is renovated, and the property has been well maintained, and that shouldn't be a major expense. I would suspect that some trail work would need to be done. As I understand, transfer of the property is to be as of October 31st. It would be good for Knowlton that Glen reopens. I'm so going to be there. 


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Well it's a done deal! I received confirmation that the Glen Mountain file has been completed. All the conditions have been met, and the signing of the transfer of the deed is scheduled for October 31st, 2022. This will be great for the Town of Brome Lake (Knowlton) to potentially boost the economy of the town. Glen Mountain has been closed since 2004 with a brief opening in March of 2008 with the hopes of reopening for the winter of 2022-23 in a possible limited capacity for this winter. More to follow............

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