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Eastern Townships, QC

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Salut à tous, 

I came across this article published on NY Ski Blog about the Eastern Townships, specifically  Bromont, Orford, Sutton, and Owl’s Head.
Maybe you’ve already read it as it was published years ago.  The photos are lovely: scenic lakes, powdery glades, quaint villages. Makes me want to pack my bags and move to QC.
The article mentions Sutton’s Operations Director, Luc Boulanger, and the remarkable work involved in maintaining Sutton’s glades. I look forward to skiing there someday.

In any case, I thought of you guys and I wish you a beautiful summer.


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Hello, the region is very nice with a great selection of ski mountains all worth discovering. They are all fairly different from one another which in a fairly small area is quite unique.

Bromont has that more big mountain busy vibe to it. While Sutton has that rustic old authentic ski mountain feel with narrow trails, mountain chalets and glades that is very unique in North America. Orford is 3 peaks with great views and a solid variety of trails, similar to Bromont but less busy and showy. And finally Owl's Head, the best kept secret of the east, quiet and not busy, but great trails and stunning views.

Thanks for sharing.

Take care and enjoy the summer.

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