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Ski Mountain Improvements for Winter 2022-23


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It makes a lot of sense. When I used to live in Montreal (until 2017), I skied a few times at Mont Rigaud. After they installed a loading carpet, the lift didn't seem to run faster or stop less, but as a beginner at the time, I found it much easier to get onto. In the end, stopping less saves tons of time. At Pakenham this season (on an extremely busy night), the beginners or small children caused the Polar quad to be stopped at minimum twice per trip up, which was not the most pleasant, in addition to making the previously 10 minute lines even longer... However, I'm not sure if the loading carpet would cause more people to fall or sit on the chair improperly, causing more stoppages. Who knows

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Camp Fortune chalet expansion and reno is moving ahead this Spring. I was previously told that the ski shop underneath the chalet would become accessible from inside, rather than having to go outside and circle around, as well as there being an elevator inside to circulate between the various floors for better accessibility.

Lodge expansion!
We are thrilled to announce our lodge expansion project is happening! After several delays, mostly related to the pandemic, construction will start towards the end of April. Here is a sneak peak of the project, we will share more info with you all over the coming months.


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While I was at Sommet Saint-Sauveur, I overheard someone talking about Sommet Gabriel getting a new lift for the south side (that is the side with the triple chair and t-bar). Treat this as rumor but such an improvement has been talked about on and off for quite a few years, so they might finally be going ahead with it. No idea if what I overheard was for the next ski season or beyond, but they seemed to loosely suggest this year.

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Sommet Gabriel.

According to LiftBlog (https://liftblog.com/2022-new-lifts/), Sommet Gabriel will be getting a new Doppelmayr quad chairlift with loading carpet to replace the triple chairlift. I would assume the t-bar might also be removed at the same time (but no confirmation), to open up more room and new ski trails, and clean up visually that side. Wondering where the triple chairlift might end up, although it might not be worth reinstalling elsewhere, unless it were to go to Avila to replace the Babalou chairlift that seems to have had a major breakdown. Although in that location I would much rather see them install a nice long magic carpet for beginners than another aerial lift.

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Confirmed, Sommet Gabriel is indeed getting a new Quad chairlift with loading carpet on the triple chair/t-bar side. It will be called La Laurentienne. 

No word yet on whether the triple chair or t-bar or both will remain or be removed. Certainly one will be removed, if not both.

They had posted a teaser image on their Instagram page but it has since been removed.

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