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Closing Days 2021-2022!

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Hi, I thought I would start a new topic where we all post the closing days of hills in the area, be it East Coast, Midwest, or West Coast! With the cold weather this week, it looks like the Ottawa/Gatineau region's slopes will endure for weekend skiing at least until the first or second weekend of April. Calabogie Peaks and Mont Saint Marie both said that they expect to be open well into April.

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Mount Pakenham and Sommet Edelweiss will be closing for the season, with Sunday as the last day.

A bit surprised with Edelweiss, I thought they would push for the first weekend in April but I guess not. Their other satellite mountains are closing this weekend and some the next.

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Mont Bellevue here in Sherbrooke has already been closed for a week at least now. they closed really early this season! I haven't heard anything on any fixed closing dates for Orford, Owl's Head, Bromont, or Sutton at this point. They are all pretty much hoping to last as long as they can. Gleason is at least to April 3rd weekend. Their summit chalet closed for the season today March 27th.

Most of the hills in Atlantic Canada are closing this weekend. Mont Farlagne announced April 3rd as the official end of season. From the photos that I've seen from that region, Farlagne seems to have won the snowfall coverage this season. I have the rest of this week to see if a road trip to Farlagne to close out the season is possible. At the moment weather is not cooperating on the long range forecast, but it can change in a heartbeat.

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Here is an update from Camp Fortune:

We are still skiing with full coverage on the main runs. Don’t miss the days of the ski and ride season! 

  • Skyline will be open from Monday, March 28 to Thursday, March 31 from 9 am to 4 pm.
  • Skyline and the Valley will be open from Friday, April 1 to Sunday, April 3 from 9 am to 4 pm.
  • We will be closed April 4 to 7.
  • We hope to re-open Skyline from April 8 to April 10 if conditions allow.

All spring hours are subject to change and based on weather and snow conditions. Please check the website before heading to the hill on a rain day.

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Mont Cascades predicts the 9/10 weekend as its last. I know there is a topic opened discussing their expansion plans, but they have had a horrible season. Their main priorities are rebuilding a chalet and fixing their chairlift so people don't need to shuttle over to the word cup side. I actually have another theory about their development, with regards to their parent company, Proslide. So back in the 2000s, when Calypso was being planned/built, proslide (a world-renowed waterslide designer headquartered in Ottawa) announced plans for an Ottawa waterpark near Kanata, known as Alottawata. They tried to protect their waterpark, Mont Cascades, from competition, by trying to scare off the developers of Calypso. After Calypso went with another waterslide designing company, work at the planned Alottawata site stopped. Every few years, they make an announcement saying it is 'coming soon', only to be delayed again. I could be wrong, but I don't think there is the market for Mont Cascades' massive resort expansion-the same can possibly be said of Calabogie's (though they seem to be moving ahead and selling phases). Maybe the Cascades' plan was a response to Calabogie's? I still think adding another side of the mountain and more accomodation is reasonable, and hope to see that as a possibility in the near future. Anyways, just my thoughts...

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From what I saw recently, the Alottawata site was up for sale on a real estate site a few weeks ago, so seemingly that plan is likely dead.

I agree, Cascades needs to build the new chalet this summer (I was surprised they didn't do anything of this nature last summer). Val St-Come had their chalet burn down and they had the new one up months later. In any case, we should see some development on this hopefully this year. They can't let that drag on indefinitely. Not sure how it will affect the waterpark this summer either whether they have no chalet, or they start building a new one. And the quad will no doubt be repaired, it's probably a part supply issue at the moment that it hasn't already happened. With Alottawata seemingly dead, hopefully they add more to the waterpark in the coming years and bring some of their flagship slides to the mountain, like the hydromagnetic coaster ones, or the probowl tube rides. For the Cascades expansion, hoping the west side expansion can happen soon, as it was announced a few years ago to open 5 or so years later. Real estate and accommodations would be nice but I'd rather see the skiing improved.

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Orford was open yesterday and today, supposed to be tomorrow. The weather looks really bad for the rest of the week with a lot of rain in the forecast. This is an opportunity to end the season tomorrow on hopefully a high note. I would be very surprised to see us make Easter weekend this year! With the forecast for this weekend, I think this would be the end. 


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Camp Fortune posted on Instagram that the rain took a toll on the snow. They aren't optimistic about this weekend but will make the announcement tomorrow once the slopes have been inspected.

We still have Mont Cascades and Calabogie to report in, but I would assume the situation would be the same.

There should be official confirmation tomorrow but it appears the ski season in the Ottawa-Gatineau region ended last weekend.

EDIT: Calabogie Peaks has this on their homepage : Ski trails closed April 9th & 10th, we hope to resume ski operations Easter Weekend (April 16th-17th). Not clear when that was posted though.

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In the Townships, it's not looking that great for the weekend weather wise. Big reason I skied Wednesday to finish off the season. I'm not expecting to ski again as the day I had under the sun was fantastic. Excellent way to end it. I don't think I can top it, so better to go out on a high note.

I didn't get to go out as much as I would have liked, and where I would have liked, but still better than the 2020-21 ski season. I'm thinking ahead to next winter, and what I'd like to accomplish. I'll be back for another season to share them with SlopeEdge.

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Calabogie announced closed this weekend. Hopeful for next weekend. 

Bromont and Saint-Sauveur will be open this weekend.

Camp Fortune have announced they will be open Saturday, Sunday and Monday


Skyline will be open Saturday, Sunday and Monday!

The team checked out the slopes this morning and are thrilled to announce we will open for 3 final days of the 2022 ski and ride season. We will continue to harvest and prep the slopes throughout the day.    Skyline will be open from 9 am to 4 pm April 9-10-11 with 4 runs and spring skiing conditions (even though it looks like winter today). As always, this time of year, ski and ride with caution as there are some areas with marginal conditions and coverage. It looks like Monday will be the day to ski and ride under the warm spring sun 🌞
ALL Camp Fortune season passes will be valid! We invite night passholders and weekday passholders to join us for the last 3 days of the season, your passes have been activated.   La Boutique will be open Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm for lease returns end their end of season sale. The main lodge is closed this weekend.   Wondering about season passes for ski season 2022-2023?
The lowest price of the year will be offered later this summer, early fall. Keep an eye on your emails in August for the season pass info.   See you on the slopes for the final turns of 2022!


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Here are three pics I captured from the Calabogie webcam at the base area. As Matteo said above, not sure why they wouldn't have been open this weekend. Looks fairly thin the coverage but it will only be worse next weekend. I don't see how they will be able to open next weekend, unless they move snow to have enough to open one or two runs.





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