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What's New for the Winter 2023-2024 Ski Season


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Here's a new topic to help track what's new for the upcoming 2023-2024 ski season.



Bromont - New quad detachable chairlift to replace the existing fixed quad on Versant des Epinettes. It will be called Express des Epinettes. Addition of new lighting to Petawawa and Ottawa for night skiing and more snow making lines installed.

Personally I never found the lineup at this chair long, and rarely ever had to wait more than 30 seconds, but the ride up was a decent length of time, so it is good they are adding another detachable lift.


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From my understanding, the current Poma Quad chair that is there now originated from the now defunct Mont Joye near North Hatley. Also another chair of the exact same model came from Gray Rocks to combine both into one. It's a large project, but probably a needed one to upgrade an aging lift. I am not sure exactly when the Poma was installed new at Mont Joye, but I think it was late 80's or very early 90's. If there aren't any operating issues with the Poma, it could be a decent replacement for another lift at a smaller hill. 

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Hi Paul, yes that is correct. An interesting history. Will be fun to see where it may end up. Hopefully a mountain that can really make good use of it.

In the case of Bromont, a good move. Versant des Cantons is the longest chair at Bromont and never seems to have much of a lineup. Also isn't too busy, so I wouldn't expect it to get replaced anytime soon with something high speed. Not sure if they plan to replace the existing Double Chair on the Versant Cote-Ouest with the Epinettes Quad, although I would assume they would announce that if it was the case, or it gets pushed to the following year to be reinstalled. Incidentally, that double chair originates from Le Massif if I am not mistaken as one of the original two chairlifts. But overall, I'm happy, the more high speed chairs at Bromont the better.

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I'm thinking it was about 550 feet vertical at Mont Joye. Gray Rocks closed around that time so that is most likely why Bromont bought both Poma Quads being of identical models to combine them together. I am not sure what Gray Rocks' vertical was, but most likely similar to Joye. 


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