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Up to 40cm now for Ottawa and pre-emtively put in for time off due to a severe case of la skinusite! I'll be in Laurentians which is supposed to come in second at up to 35cm. I have not been out much yet this year so hopefully I don't get immediately clobbered.

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We didn't get anywhere near that! Last check with my buddy at Orford yesterday was 15cms with high winds where only Giroux N and the new Alfred Desrochers Quads were running. The Hybride was closed due to high wind. We actually had some sunny breaks during the day so this storm pretty much went around us.......as usual.

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@Gordo what! They never open Swan Dive! 😮 

Anyways the next powder days is upon us, looking better in the Laurentians Wednesday, then it's a toss up between Laurentians/Tremblant and Owl's Head/Sutton on Thursday/Friday. Tough call. 

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