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Beech Mountain - Water pipe bursts right underneath a chairlift and shots ice cold water on riders

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Likely you have already seen this but the story is that a skier crashed into a water hydrant which then broke. It then started shooting water up to the chairlift, which kept operating.

Several people had the chair stop for several minutes right in the water gushing.

Clearly unacceptable that they didn't shut down the snowmaking much sooner, and stop the chairlift. WOW!

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Agreed. Simply an unbelievable event to watch, an yes the many people standing around just watching and seemingly doing nothing. Really shameful of the mountain to have let this happen. Shut the water off. No matter whether the snowmaking is running elsewhere too, there is someone getting sprayed and soaked with freezing water, what is more important, your snowmaking efforts or someone's life. Could have caused a heartattack from the shock of the water or killed someone from freezing or falling.

Really not impressed.

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@Shane if you saw the long video with the dude trapped in there for two minutes, he dangles motionless after the chair starts moving again, and it is speculated that he passed out. Of the injuries sent to hospital apparently no one died so, sounds like no heart attack for that dude thankfully. Absolutely horrifying.


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