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Lift Issues at Sommet Saint-Sauveur (Resolved)


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It is seemingly rare to see lift issues at Sommet Saint-Sauveur yet we have two lifts unavailable today due to mechanical issues.

The Fleche d'Argent is out of service this week due to necessary maintenance and repair, making for a more difficult transit from Avila back to Saint-Sauveur. In addition, today the Cote 71 lift is also out of service (seemingly only for a few hours) due to mechanical issues.

----- Official Notice -----

Accessibility between Avila and Saint-Sauveur

Unexpected repairs will have to get done during the week of December 20, 2021, on the Flèche d'Argent lift. During this period, the passage through the ski trails from the versant Avila to the Sommet Saint-Sauveur will be possible but will require a sustained physical effort. A portion of this temporary passage will also have to be done by walking. We ask our clientele to avoid travelling from one side to the other for these reasons. Furthermore, we do not recommend that families with young children or people with physical limitations use this temporary transit.


On the other hand, the access from Sommet Saint-Sauveur to Avila's side remains unchanged.

As a result of this work, we will have to close the Devaleuse trail during this period.

We wish to assure our customers that this unforeseen work will be done as soon as possible and allow a return to normal, just in time for the holiday season. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience caused by this work and appreciate your cooperation.

Please note: Specialized equipment and snow vehicles will be present in the Flèche d'Argent area during the repairs. Thank you for respecting the safety instructions and the signs on the mountain for the alternative access path.

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