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What's new for Winter 2021-22


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Camp Fortune :

A considerable investment was made into upgrading the snowmaking on the Skyline side this summer to improve snowmaking efficiency and output, this is part of our ongoing commitment to you, our valued customer, to try and deliver the best snow and conditions in the region.

As a temporary measure to improve services on the Skyline side you will notice the installation of a mobile kitchen / food trailer.  We will be able to now provide a selection of hot food at Skyline.

We purchased a new Pisten Bully 400 ParkPro which has the cleanest ever Tier4f engine technology and a tiller that has been setting the benchmark for perfect slope quality for many years.
As you ski around you will also see the towers for our extreme zipline course opening in July 2022.

Not our doing, but you will be pleased to drive on a freshly paved Meech Lake road! 
Please do be mindful of your speed and speed limits in the area. On this subject, we also encourage you to make sure your vehicle registration is up to date and your doors are locked. These are all things the police monitor in our area.

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Investments at les Sommets

November 10th, 2021 Saint-Sauveur, versant Avila, Gabriel, Olympia, Morin Heights, Edelweiss Ski, Snow School



New building at Sommet Saint-Sauveur
A brand new building of nearly 5,000 sq. Ft. Located at the foot of the Sommet Express ski lift is currently under construction. The inauguration of the latter is scheduled for December 2021. This building will include several services:

New lockers for members: private section with restricted access. The lockers will be spacious, heated, and with a customizable configuration.

The repair shop, including the 4-module Mercury maintenance robot

A Demo center which will be a unique concept in Quebec

A vast 1000 square feet terrace with fireplace presented by Jaguar Land Rover Laval

Jaguar Land Rover Laval Heated Terrace

The 27 X 45-foot terrace, located in the new building near the Sommet Express chairlift, will be heated, equipped with an outdoor natural gas fireplace, and offer take-out access to the brand new café.

On October 22nd, the Jaguar Land Rover Laval team joined us for the official groundbreaking ceremony.


In the picture, our president and CEO les Sommets, Louis Philippe Hébert, and Alain Rondeau, sales manager of Jaguar Land Rover Laval, are breaking ground. Also on the picture, Adrienne Mc Grath, Jaguar Land Rover Laval marketing director, accompanied by several les Sommets directors.

3 new trails at Sommet Saint-Sauveur


Forêt Blanche | Sommet Saint-Sauveur.
Glades between the Grand Élan and the Tom Barbeau. Blue trail.

Chaud Off  | Sommet Saint-Sauveur.
Groomed under the Sommet Express lift. Black trail

Cours Arrière | versant Avila of Sommet Saint-Sauveur.
Glades attached to the Jack Rabbit. Green trail

Electronic access control to Sommet Edelweiss
Sommet Edelweiss will implement the RFID system and AXCESS access gates to the lifts. This was the last Les Sommets station switch to this new contactless technology, thus completing this technological transition project. As a result, Sommet Edelweiss season ticket holders and customers will now go directly to the lifts without stopping at the ticket office.

Improvement of our snowmaking systems
Almost half a million dollars has been invested this season to improve the snow conditions at our 5 Summits. However, whether it is through the purchase of new snow cannons, the automation of systems, and the change of specific water supply hoses, the objective remains the same: to offer our customers optimal sliding conditions from the very beginning of the season.

Improved learning ground for beginners
Sommet Saint-Sauveur versant Avila has long been recognized as the ideal destination for learning to ski. Therefore, it is not for nothing that les Sommets won the best Snow School in North America in 2019! Development work is consequently underway to enlarge the learning ground of the school track. New elevations, turns, and obstacles will be added for the coming season, offering fun and challenges to our new skiers and snowboarders. Finally, the improvement of the snowmaking system in the area of the adjacent Pronto piste will allow the entire learning area for beginners to be snowed earlier in the season. This is excellent news for our little ones, impatiently awaiting the start of the season.

New online store
The Sommets will have a brand new online store this winter. Many products will be on sale there, such as equipment, accessories, and clothing.

Several other investments and additions
A new roundabout will now improve your arrival at Sommet Saint-Sauveur on Chemin des Pentes. This modification of the road configuration will optimize traffic flow at the main entrance to the site.

Other news for Sommet Saint-Sauveur, the purchase of a high-performance snow groomer from the company Prinoth.

New GoPasse self-service kiosks will be added at all of our stations.

As for our rental center, we have acquired a new fleet of HEAD skis. These new skis will therefore be available for rental from the start of the season.

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