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Ski Season 2021-22 - Openings

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The end of last week saw the opening of Killington Vermont, once again positioning itself as the first in the East.

Sommet Saint-Sauveur mounted a good defense with heavy snowmaking along Cote 70 Ouest, but the return of milder weather put a quick end to those efforts. Current forecast calls for a mild week so we may not see much action for the next few days or week until things once again cool off.

One thing is for sure, it won't be long now...

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I am hoping it will be soon! It was a very late start for me last season, December 24th was the first day. The past few years before were either late October at Sauveur or early November at Gleason, or Orford. There is a chill in there air at night but doesn't seem to be enough to get the guns going full tilt. Bromont last weekend was a bit white but with the warmth it probably has since melted, or close to it.

Here's a photo taken last Saturday of Bromont. Looks like a test run though.


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Sommet Saint-Sauveur is opening today!!!!

Exclusively to les Sommets members

Here are the details of the opening:

Sommet Saint-Sauveur, l'Étoile lift, trail 70 (expert)
See the complete schedule here

Friday, November 19, 2021 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. (official photo at 1 p.m.)
Les Sommets members only until Sunday, November 21 + Nov. 27-28
No tickets on sale
Controlled capacities
Vaccine passport validation required to activate season passes

Attention: No day tickets will be on sale for this period. Access to the mountain will be reserved to 2021-2022 season pass holders and according to the respective terms of their pass.

Furthermore, ASSQ products, such as provincial passes and Passe-Partout will unfortunately not be accepted during these first two weekends of exclusive operations for members.

Operation of the first days

Only members wishing to ski will have access to the lift and the terrace in front of the main lodge. Control will be made to manage the entry/exit to the site.

The capacity of the site will be controlled. It is, therefore, possible that there will be a wait before accessing the site, depending on the number of visitors.

For the first few days of operation, the main lodge will not be open. Members must arrive ready to ski. It will not be possible to change clothes or eat inside the lodge.

T-Bar 70 will be open as well as the cafeteria in bring-your-own mode.

The customer experience, the boutique and the washrooms will be open to all.

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Orford is opening Friday December 3rd for the weekend only, Giroux North with 1 trail Familiale, and the Pente d'Ecole

Owl's Head opens for Thursday December 9th for the weekend only. Main Quad, Lilliy's Leap, Porc-Epic, Bambi Crossing, and Petit Allée. These trails are connected together to make 1 route from top to bottom. 

Bromont opens for Passholders only Friday December 3rd, Versant du Village, Brome trail only. No Apex Card, L'Est Go or Passe-Partout Tickets are accepted.

Sutton would be opening the following weekend the 11th. 

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Once you have Lilly’s Leap open at Owl’s Head you are golden. Clearly the flagship and nicest run in Quebec, and one I could never get enough of. 

Has anyone hit the slopes yet this season?

Edelweiss and Vorlage are opening in a week with the other hills in the region likely to open about the same time. 

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Their Facebook page is usually where they announce it. In the past it has usually been around February that they open. They don't really answer phones and the website isn't really updated, so just follow or keep checking their Facebook for any news. Typically they only operate on weekends.

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On 1/12/2022 at 8:12 PM, Mountaineer Matt said:

Any news on Mont Chilly's opening this year? I understand there is a lack of snow but their facebook hasn't given any operations updates. I'm really looking forward to skiing there!

If we get the 25cms on Monday I suspect Mont Chilly will open in late January. 

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Mont Chilly just provided this update today on their Facebook page:


Hello amazing skiers and riders!!

Welcome to our 2022 ski season

We feel like we have been waiting forever for some of that white gold to accumulate and we are finally well on our way

Thank you all for patiently waiting to find out when we will be getting our lift rolling so you can all come out to enjoy that Mont Chilly stoke! As many of you know, we rely completely on natural snow and needed to make sure we were able to open safely before inviting everyone back to the hill. As of right now, our tentative opening weekend will be February 5th and 6th, 2022! . We will be posting updates here concerning our protocol regarding ticket sales and Covid-19 procedures as we get closer to opening day. So stay tuned skiers and riders!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate in sending us a message or calling us at 819-683-3595.

Looking forward to seeing you all out on the slopes for the 2022 season


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