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Ski Vorlage moves to RFID Season Passes and Lift Tickets


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Hello everyone,

My family and I were out at Ski Vorlage this Thanksgiving weekend to hike the mountain and since the last visit a few weeks back, they have clearly been installing SkiData RFID gates at all the lifts. While there hasn't been any official notice on this new addition and improvement, it is only a matter of time.

This is great news, especially as the pandemic drags on, to allow them to better control capacity on the slopes and the lifts, as well as making it easier than before to reload lift tickets and season passes from home or your phone without having to go inside or outside to the ticket window.

With this change, we will see RFID gates this year at Ski Vorlage, Sommet Edelweiss, as well as those mountains that already had them in place, such as Camp Fortune and Calabogie Peaks.

I also noticed that there is no gates installed at the moment at the t-bar, nor were there any t-bars installed on the lift line. It was mentioned a few years back that the t-bar was planned to be retired and was to be replaced with a double chairlift, opening up the slope underneath for skiing. I have reached out to Vorlage to get some clarification on the current plans and the status of the t-bar.

Here is a pic of the new SkiData gates being installed.


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