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Another Ski Season With Covid Restrictions?

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I know it's a bit early for this, however I have come across a couple of items that might indicate that we are headed into another ski season with restrictions like we had last year. Obviously these plans may change depending on the situation.

Mont Gleason has announced that they are reducing capacity for lifts: Double chair, one person alone riding or paired with another member of the same family. Quad chair would be two riding with one at each end of the chair, or again members of the same family riding together. They have also mentioned that daily tickets must be purchased online before heading out to the mountain, and limited number of daily tickets. In addition to this season, you will be required to provide your proof of vaccination to enter the Wiski Bar in the main chalet, and to enter the summit chalet. This is something we did not have last season. Mont Gleason will not be operating their quad chair this fall for the colours, as Hydro Quebec is installing the electricity to the new service building. 

Here is the link to Mont Gleason's Webpage for further details: https://www.montgleason.ca/guide-sanitaire-2021-2022/ 

The ASSQ (Association des Stations de Ski de Quebec), has posted an update for fall events that mirror last winter's restrictions. Riding the lifts for fall colours will mimic the same procedures from the winter before, Double chair, triple chair = 1 person, or members of the same family can ride together. Quad chair = 2 people sitting at either end of the chair, again members of the same family can ride together, and for six packs = 3 per chair, one at each end and on person in the middle. Gondolas are 2 people, one on each bench but at opposite corners, or members of the same family together. Bars and Terraces will require proof of vaccination, and they will also be registering names of any visitor who enters on a list. The ASSQ posted this as an update for fall festivities at the moment, but maybe extended into the winter season. That is to be determined later if this will apply for the 2021-22 ski season.

Here's the link to the document posted by the ASSQ (In French at the moment): https://maneige.ski/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/consignes-sanitaires-pour-visiter-une-station-de-ski-automne-2021.pdf consignes-sanitaires-pour-visiter-une-station-de-ski-automne-2021.pdf

Stay safe everyone!

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Thanks for sharing Paul.

Certainly the fall looks to be more of the same, which I feel is a good idea as people more and more spend increasing time indoors with the cooling weather and temperature, not to mention the rising case counts. Everyone should get vaccinated who is eligible to do so. Those that don't shouldn't be left in a position to be able to infect others or deprive those that did get vaccinated from enjoying skiing and the mountains.

Camp Fortune has also mentioned on their site that proof of vaccination is required when visiting the site since early September.

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On 9/16/2021 at 9:31 PM, Paul said:

The ASSQ (Association des Stations de Ski de Quebec), has posted an update for fall events that mirror last winter's restrictions. Rconsignes-sanitaires-pour-visiter-une-station-de-ski-automne-2021.pdf

Stay safe everyone!

As it turns out the ASSQ confirmed in a post in an fb group that the autumn restrictions are not the same as the winter restrictions and will be revised before the start of ski season although I would not expect much to change.

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Here is an update from Mont Farlagne in Edmunston, NB regarding their Covid protocols for the upcoming season that they had just posted on their Facebook page today. They will be requiring proof of vaccination on site, along with masks being mandatory, and other details for them to be open for the season to keep operational. Obviously this can change in a heartbeat if necessary. I am hoping to get there this winter to cover them, and to share the experience. 

For updates, please visit their website: https://www.montfarlagne.com

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In a post on their fb page, Les Sommets commented that their lift ticket was sold at 50% capacity last year and this year will be sold at 40% to help reduce crowding at peak periods. However, I wonder if this now opens them the opportunity to reap more from ticket sales (and thus there will be no real change to the crowding at peak periods).

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