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Night skiing hours change at Camp Fortune


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Looks like night skiing will only run till 9pm this season. Also memberships have gone up in all categories. I think we can thank COVID for this. 

I was hoping things would be back to normal this winter. Vermont and New York must be praying the border will open to Canadians soon. 

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Hey Gordo. What were the previous hours? 10pm?

I took a look at the season pass rates and they do seem higher but I can't really remember what they were the past 2 years. For those that purchase before the rate goes up at the end of September, it is still fairly reasonable.

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On 9/6/2021 at 7:41 AM, Gordo said:

Looks like night skiing will only run till 9pm this season.

GRRRRR :( I was really fond of the last hour of the day option on Skyline, especially because of never having to wait in line, and the fact they close the lift closer to 10pm, where at Edelweiss (which was even closed on Tuesdays last year!) the slow moving chair closes at 9:45pm sharp! 

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Also I find the price increase pretty modest honestly. Their rates have always been so affordable and the slight bump in access fees will surely help them recoup costs lost in 2020. That said Les Sommets has also bumped their price, and elimintated the Option Nord-Est, had I known that I would have bought in the spring.

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Well it seems that Camp Fortune has sold out of all their season passes, every type. This happened fast like by the first week of October. I managed to get an "Almost anytime pass". I'm curious how they decided on how many they would sell. A lot of friends are kinda pissed that they have such sort notice about this. 

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@Gordo MSS told me last year they sold 50% and this year they sold 40% cutting sales early to reduce crowding. Of course now VaxiCode is mandatory so maybe we can expect the 9% of Quebecers who didn't get vaxxed to defer or get their pass refunded, plus a handful of those who are vaxxed but don't agree with presenting proof of vax. Also now that Legault is allowing them to fully load chairlifts, we can expect them to reopen pass sales at least for a limited time, which is what both MSS and Bromont announced today.

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