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New Quad Chairlift at Mont Orford


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The news from Mont Orford today was the announcement of the replacement of the aging Alfred Desrochers double chairlift with a new Dopplemayr fixed grip quad chair with loading carpet. With this investment of about $4,5 million, it will increase the loading capacity of about 60%. With the installation of this new quad chair, it will relieve the Giroux North quad of traffic as there are some beginner trails to be found on the Alfred Desrochers face, and to improve the circulation of skiers. The lift is scheduled to be ready for the 2021-22 season, and is supposed to operate during the week. The double chair was originally inaugurated back in 1965, and was manufactured by Samson. Below is a link to Mont Orford's web page for additional details.


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This is great news. While I never skied this part of the mountain, historically it seemed to have a limited opening each season. With the recent snow making addition, and this new lift, I can see how they will be able to operate it throughout the year. Great news for beginners and intermediates. How does the terrain here compare to Mont Giroux Paul?

Great pics. Fantastic news! The first real news for the coming season. Eager to see what else the coming winter has in store for the other mountains in Quebec.

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Nice photo! I have a series of pics from a friend of mine that they had sent me from the beginning of this project up until now. From my understanding the chair is to be ready for the start of the season. I'll be riding this chair quite a bit hopefully this winter. Dopplemayr Eco Drive Gen II from what I had heard.

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With the work nearing completion on the new Alfred Desrochers Quad Chair, I have found a series of photos with the original Double Chair in place, along with photos of the tear down, and the installation of the Quad. The First photo of the Double Chair I had taken from a couple of years ago. The rest would be from the start of the tear down this past June/July (photos I had not taken myself) to the latest photo taken this past Friday while skiing. Here's a photo timeline of the work.

The Alfred Desrochers Double Chair. Photo taken a couple of years ago.


The start of the tear down this past June 2021.



The upper section of the New Alfred Desrochers Quad from this fall 2021.


Photo of the bottom terminal taken December 10, 2021


Once completed and operating, this chair should elevate some of the line up from the GIroux North Quad and the Hybride, as there will be more uphill capacity now with the new quad from when the double chair was in service. This is a very nice sector to ski with a nice variety of trails to choose from. 


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