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Vermont releases ski resort guidance


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Northeast Skiology has been following along the guidance across North America and has done a wonderful commentary on this which I suggest reading, and, you can check out the State  guidelines here: 

https://accd.vermont.gov/sites/accdnew/files/documents/Vermont Ski Resort COVID-19 Winter Operations Guidance - 2020-11-03.pdf?fbclid=IwAR1hJ9nnLcFNboZ5DtP1qsjc1I5qR9NNCZzbFoEybOUiNMpHqGRYi8hn7oM

As summarised by Skiology Matt, the key points are:

  1. Requires all customers to attest to their compliance with travel restrictions.
  2. Ski areas must collect and maintain information for contact tracing.
  3. Reduce reliance on out of state staff.
  4. Lifts will load at 50% capacity except for like parties, gondolas limited to a single party, trams require 6 feet of distance between parties.
  5. Base lodges limited to 50% capacity and no more than 75 people.
  6. Ski resorts must offer lenient cancelation policies for sick and travel restricted customers.

To note, the 75 people is per lodge, and the size of the lodge doesn't matter. A number of VT resorts have already released plans for how they will support their clients in the outdoors (food trucks, warming stations and boot up areas).



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A very precarious situation we are all finding ourselves in. The last season ended so abruptly. I remember seeing the news the day Quebec ordered ski mountains to close at 4pm. I did say to myself, leaves me 3 hours to go ski (which is likely the only chance left for the season). Short notice and wanting to play it safe I missed out.

For this season, I am not sure what I will do just yet. I have a family now and while I don't think it is too risky, I don't want to take the chance for myself or my family so I may end up sitting out the season, or go once or so on the least busy day and mountain in the area. I also have some underlying medical conditions that would put me at a high risk if I did get the virus.

Was hoping this season would have finally been a return to normal for my skiing (haven't skied since December 31, 2018 ironically). Between the birth of our son and now COVID... the wait may last a bit longer.

With lots of talk of vaccines getting closer and closer, hopefully by spring / summer next year things will finally turn and can get on with enjoying fully all that we are missing out on all this time.

Again, I trust the mountains, my worry is those who go and don't take the situation seriously and put others at risk.

So far what we have seen at Sommet Saint-Sauveur is promising, people are respecting the rules and guidelines and the messages they are putting out almost daily are to the point, informative and comprehensive, which is great to see.

I do wish everyone a great season with lots of health and fresh air. I promise some good discussions on the forums from my end. And if I do get out, you'll read about it here first!

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