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Recommendations for a ski safari in Quebec

Après Skier

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Welcome to SlopeEdge @Après Skier

You have received some good suggestions and feedback for your trip. I would like to share a few of my own thoughts.

I am a big fan of Sommet Saint-Sauveur. The mountain isn't extremely challenging but quite accessible for all skill levels. The night skiing atmosphere there is very enjoyable and the apres ski at the T-Bar (pun intended) is top notch. I think the claim of largest night skiing in the world is actually when you combine all their mountains in the area (Saint-Sauveur, Avila, Gabriel, Olympia and Morin Heights). They are not located next to each other so a drive (typically 15 minutes to atmost 30 minutes to Morin Heights) is required. The other mountains except for Saint-Sauveur and Avila are more of the small average ski areas in size. Still I find on the busiest days, the lines move quicker and there are seemingly less people crowding on the slopes at Saint-Sauveur than Bromont. And I do love the Manoir Saint-Sauveur too.

That said, Bromont is bigger than Saint-Sauveur and does have some more challenging trails in their lineup. They also have a new summit chalet at the top which is quite nice (although I wasn't able to visit it last year but the photos portray it as being impressive).

For the rest, Tremblant is a classic, but weekends can be long for the lift lines (comparable to other major destinations). The village is what really makes it unique, and I have stayed at several on resort locations, such as the Hilton homewood suites, Sommet des neiges (although wasn't as impressed at this location), the Johanssen or Deslauriers are very nice as well and you get a great view down onto the village street below.

For the best views, Owl's Head and Le Massif would be the best. Le Massif is unique with the views of the St Lawrence River but also by the fact that typically you park at the summit of the mountain and start your runs down from there. Your last run of the day concludes with a chairlift ride back to the summit and the chalet/parking... that's rare to find elsewhere, again not missing out on the views.

Sutton has great glades, and groomed trails but is mainly distinguished by the retro feeling of the facilities and lifts. The other unique aspect is the junctions between trails, which makes it that you can start on one, switch to another, and keep switching a handful of times in one run down. There would seemingly be endless combinations, and the snow can often be fairly abundant on this mountain when we have a good winter season.

Hope this helps. Let us know what you decide to do, and be sure to check out some of our past Ski Experiences (Winter Experiences) on the site and forums for more great photos.

Happy skiing!

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I should add that Mont Sainte Anne has what is likely the highest vertical for night skiing in the world. The night ski terrain isn’t massive but it makes up for it by offering top to bottom runs over approx 2000ft vertical. 
Bromont is about 1200ft on the main side and the others can go as low as 500 ish. 
Saint-Sauveur is around 650 all over. 

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