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Gray Rocks - Closed 2009


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Here are some photos taken last weekend at Gray Rocks. There were two sides of the mountain, a side facing Lac Ouimet, and Mont Tremblant, and another a little beyond where the Labelle Golf Course is located on the opposite side. 

Gray Rocks Resort is located about 10 minutes away from Mont Tremblant on Lac Ouimet. Gray Rocks closed in 2009. The lifts have been removed and there is very little left behind. The Quad chair is now at Bromont combined with another identical model Poma Quad that was located at another defunct ski area, Mont Joye. Both quads were combined together to form one lift. Since the closure, the famed hotel at Gray Rocks was destroyed by a major fire back in November of 2014. Gray Rocks originally opened in 1905 by George & Lucille Wheeler as the Gray Rocks Inn, skiing didn't begin until 1920 on the mountain located close by. The first rope tow was not installed until 1934. Sad to see what was once one of the most popular ski resorts in the Laurentians reduced to ruins.

The Lac Ouimet side of Gray Rocks:






Some of the grounds of where the hotel was located:



The side of Gray Rocks located beyond the golf course on the opposite side of the mountain:








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