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Winter with COVID-19 - Update

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@Paul over here, we bought a beautiful mangowood bar several years back, we call it The Gatling (or, Le Gatling to conform to language laws here, lol). I'll post a pic later. We always keep it full of our staples, but our gin and rum collection has gotten a bit out of hand. I try to keep shopping trips limited so find myself coming out of the SAQ with boxes of various wine, spirits, and especially sake (there is an entire sake section in our bar fridge - we both order out and make a lot of our own izakaya recipes). For Scott's birthday in April I got a infused gin making kit and we have bottles of things like peppercorn, hibiscus, thyme gin and so on. That said, our drinking is much less out of hand than terrasse season, but we definitely enjoy a good après-ski beverage or a fine wine at dinner - pretty sure I've gone through the entire Chateauneuf du Pape section at the SAQ Selection.

Given the new closing hours, I think my next trip to SAQ will focus on spirits for warm beverages. Also plan to pick up a cream charger and some whippits (cartridges) for that *proper* whipped cream topping on my Irish and Spanish coffees (the reddiwhip cans you get in the store just don't cut it!). We also have plans to do a tiki themed night and are pretty close to collecting all the things we need to do a handful of good tiki recipes.

So yeah: Be your own Après bar!

PS - not sure if you heard but Tenney Mountain isn't opening at all :(

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There seems to be ramblings that the Ontario ski resorts will remain closed until atleast Feb 11 (or later, I can't recall the date i saw). I can't seem to find more details but it seems like the closure for skiing is being extended. Very bad news for their operation. While safety is paramount, it will definitely affect these businesses and as we have seen elsewhere, could force some to close permanently. Those that do survive could see their plans for improvements slowed, delayed or cancelled.

Very unfortunate, but the COVID situation is not under control so action needs to be taken. Sad that skiing isn't supported but skating on the Rideau Canal is going ahead next week for example.

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@Shane yup and I think it is Feb 19th. Ford has said this is about people travelling (primarily from the GTA to local mountains), so I doubt we will see a reopening even with pressure from the industry. Meanwhile things seem to be doing ok in QC, although I have seen a couple of reports of authorities warning if resorts don't get tailgating in the parking lot under control, that it could put skiing at risk for closure. I guess we'll see! I am a bit slack on my trip reports lately but have since visited Edelweiss, Olympia and Mont Rigaud, all have great safety standards and at the day/times I went, zero crowds, no lines. I wouldn't hazard a trip to Tremblant however, and have read a lot of friends' posts that Bromont is crowded on the weekends with the ongoing curfew.

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The Ontario government said all Ski Areas outside of essentially the GTA red zone, will be able to re-open as of next week.

Great news! A slow return to normal for skiing. Happy they have come to this decision as it was no doubt affecting many businesses, most not owned by large corporations, so their ability to maneuver and weather this closing is very limited.

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That's great news to hear. The mountain owners were getting quite anxious about the topic of whether or not they were going to be allowed to reopen at all for the reminder of the season. Doesn't make up for the loss in revenues, but at least they can get going again. Happy to see them getting the green light. 

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It is unfortunate how far out Chilly is, although I do think that helps it keep its charm. A long drive and the reward you get when you arrive. Not a big mountain so smaller crowds keeps things from skiing out too quickly in the day.

Saw your MSM report, looks amazing. Really holding up well despite the crazy weather swings recently.

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On 3/21/2021 at 10:58 PM, Ocean said:

It's not even a far drive, really, just it's a small mountain. We drive about the same distance to tremblant, no?

Haha I know but it sure does feel long. Definitely plays a factor in the small number that go, otherwise I could see it being much much busier.

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The recent warm and mild weather, combined with the current rainfall is surely going to being an early end to many ski areas in Quebec and Ontario.

Already several have announced the end of season on their mountain.

-Mount Pakenham

-Val St-Come

-Ski Saint Bruno

Sadly, others will likely follow. Camp Fortune in the Outaouais is closed today and this weekend with a possible reopening for Easter weekend, weather permitting.

The list will no doubt evolve quickly over the coming couple days.

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