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Ski Resorts and Mountains close early to slow the spread of COVID-19


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We started discussing the possibility of closures in the east in Northeast Skiology just yesterday. Now, two mountains have closed, one in Massachusetts, and one in NY. 

Anticipate more to follow their lead. I didn't think this would happen for another few weeks.

Social distancing now.


I anticipate Alterra and Vail to follow suit...since they already have their money in the bank from all those Ikon and Epic sales.



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Camp Fortune has cancelled the Apres Ski party in the bar on Saturday:

ATTENTION: 1920-2020: Celebrating 100 yrs

All outdoor activities planned for our 100th celebration on Saturday are going ahead as planned. The après-ski concert in the bar featuring Mackenzie Rhythm Section has been cancelled.

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From what I have seen on social media in regards to Quebec Ski Areas is that it's business as usual...............for now. The regulation Minister Legault announced recently apparently does not apply to ski areas. The events where there will be large crowds gathering are cancelled however. That may change with a blink of an eye. My planned travels to New Hampshire for the spring are not happening. With Catamount and Berkshire shutting I can see others following suit. At this moment it's business as usual for Sunday River. 

With the weather, and the situation at hand, the ski season may be unfortunately cut short. 

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