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Tremblant - Improvements 2020-2021 (New Beginner Area) and 2021-2022 (New Timber Summit and Chairlift)


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Tremblant had a major announcement today of investments to improve the mountain experience.


With a growing demand for easy runs, $1.4 million will go toward a new beginner area at the base of Versant Soleil. Several maintenance projects representing $5.4 million will also be carried out on the ski lifts and buildings, including the renovation of the washrooms next to Café Johannsen. To prepare for the opening of the new Timber Summit for the 2021/22 winter, $2 million will be dedicated to new infrastructure implementation.


For the great pleasure of skiers and snowboarders, 8 new trails are planned to lead to the base of Versant Soleil and of the North Side. To reach the new summit, a high-speed quad lift will be installed from the bottom of Versant Soleil. A snowmaking system to service this new area is also in the plans. This project, which aims at diversifying the ski area, is part of the continued development of Versant Soleil and reaffirms Tremblant’s leader position as the #1 ski resort in Eastern North America.

To recap, the two biggest changes are:

2020-2021 - New Beginner Area at the base of Versant Soleil (just along side the Soleil end of the Casino Gondola). Magic Carpet lift and full beginner zone at the base. $1.4 million investment.


2021-2022 - New Timber Summit, featuring a new high speed detachable quad, starting from the Versant Soleil base area, and reaching a new Timber Summit. 8 new trails, heading down Soleil and Versant Nord will be created.


More details can be found here: https://blogue.tremblant.ca/investments-20-22

Very exciting times. Happy to see Tremblant's new owners investing and further improving, expanding the mountain. Let's hope that in conjunction with the new beginner area on Versant Soleil, the Casino gondola operates more consistently and throughout the season, rather than select hours and days only to provide access.

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For those interested in an update on this project, please see the response I received below from Tremblant:


The Mont-Timber project was put on standby until further notice at the beginning of the pandemic. There is thus, unfortunately, no development for the moment.

Félix Burke
Relations Publiques – Public Relations
Station Mont Tremblant


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Yes I saw them reply to a fb comment asking for an update-too bad, they need a beginner's chairlift in my opinion, magic carpets are not enough. Currently, I think that vorlage and mont cascades are amazing for beginers because they have a small chairlift that accesses very gentle slopes. This way, after the carpet stage is finished, they can attempt to ride a smaller version of the main chairlift, on a quieter and gentler run than on the main hill, a feature that only those two mountains in the region have. 

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The beginner zone at Edelweiss with the profiled slopes of Intro+ are very well thought out but there is no reasonable progression beyond that. Easy Street and Chemin des Bois both have a fairly steep pitch half way down that ruins them. The old double chair (Heron) that just did the bottom portion of Easy Street / Rue Principale was the best for giving people an inbetween option, now long gone since 2004 ish. But agreed, Vorlage has an excellent beginner zone (the best in the region) and good progression from there onward. Pakenham is another option for beginners but seriously, a rope tow? Luckily there is a magic carpet area and the slopes in general aren't very steep. (If you can do Easy Street top to bottom at Edelweiss you can do everything at Pakenham).

But Tremblant should atleast prioritize the new beginner pod on Soleil, the other magic carpet areas are too small and busy for the loads they get. I would never bring my child to learn at Tremblant ever! Also wouldn't waste money there for him to learn either. I would go to Vorlage or even the carpet zone at Edelweiss way before Tremblant. They should definitely make it more appealing for beginners, with the current setup being too busy and too crowded. That's enough to scare the most timid people off from returning to the snow, especially on a weekend.

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"Easy Street and Chemin des Bois both have a fairly steep pitch half way down that ruins them" 

Exactly what I was thinking-A few years back I found that stretch to be a little intimidating

Pakenham has beginner trails going from top to bottom, but they have steep sections and really flat sections that beginners would not like. Just came from Fortune and some awesome conditions-report coming soon


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