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NH & Vermont Lift Ticket Prices for 2019-20 Season


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For those who may be planning trips to either Vermont, or New Hampshire, here are the average lift ticket prices for the 2019-20 season as posted by New England Ski Industry's website recently.

Vermont remains the most expensive on average for daily lift tickets for Weekend and Holiday rates. Vermont is up on average 3% while New Hampshire is up 2%. 

The most expensive in Vermont is Stowe Mountain Resort at $147 USD for a daily weekend/holiday ticket, while Quechee is at the other end being the least expensive at $49 USD. It is to note that there are 6 resorts in Vermont over the $100 Mark for a day ticket.

The most expensive in New Hampshire is Bretton Woods & Loon at $104 USD for a daily weekend/holiday ticket, and Campton Mountain is the least expensive at $22 USD. There are only 2 resorts in New Hampshire over the $100 mark, while 1 is just shy of this mark.

Here are the links to both Vermont and New Hampshire's resorts listings and their rates.



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