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Champlain Valley Ski & Ride card!


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I learned about this gem of a deal from the Northeast Skiology group. You can get one ticket at each of these 12 mountains for the exceptionally low price of $164 USD.

Bretton Woods


Magic Mountain



Northeast Slopes

Oak Mountain


West Mountain

Snow Bowl


and Whiteface!

Currently contemplating, not sure I want to commit to the exchange rate but I was hoping to ski at least four of the mountains on this list which would make this pass well worth my while! The distance between some of these would mean you can ski one mountain one day and then another the next after a reasonably short drive. Hoping to hit Whiteface, MRG, Smuggs, Gore and Burke this season. Not sure if ambitious or highly dedicated! Quantities of this ticket are limited and since I haven't tried to buy one yet I'm not sure if availability is limited to American credit card holders. One thing that is for sure is that this is one hell of a deal! Some blackout dates apply but they are the fairly expected holidates.


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That looks like a great deal especially when Bretton Woods on the weekend and holidays would be $104 USD for a day. Are there any blackout dates? There are 3 on this list that I would go to. Bretton Woods, Northeast Slopes, and Magic. I plan on going to Magic later on in February with a buddy of mine who wants to go. 

The Indy pass looks pretty decent as well as there are all Indy areas on this pass like Bolton Valley, Magic, Suicide Six, and now Black Mountain NH has joined on it. You get 2 tickets for all 46 mountains on the Indy. I am not that committed to Eastern New England this year. That may change though. I will most likely opt for this pass next season. Tenney and Magic are targets this year for US skiing for sure.

Still for $164 USD this is a pretty decent deal.Indy is at $219 and I think it's scheduled to hit $239 by New Year's. It originally went for $199 at the start of the season.

When you look at the walk-up rates to some of the Champlain Valley or the Indy Pass areas, and if you were to buy them separately, either pass would pay for itself pretty quickly. Even if you were to buy the tix online it would still be worth the cash for either pass. Even with the exchange.

Great eye @Ocean !


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@Paul yeah I looked at the Indy pass mountains and felt that most of them were too far for me to do a day trip (because I don't wake up at a reasonable hour in the morning). The Champlain Valley pass had a handful of mountains I'd been thinking of visiting and yes I agree, the pass has great value when you consider the day pass fees for each of these mountains! The handful of resorts that are closer to four hours away seem a bit less likely for me to visit, but with plenty of options within three hours I'm sure I'll make the value of the pass easily.


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@Ocean, my max radius in sense of drive time is about 3hrs, and it would need to be special for me to go further. Magic Mountain for me is about 3 1/4 hrs so the extra 15 minutes or so isn't going to kill me. That's the one I want to do this year. Gore, Whiteface, West, and Titus are out of range for me to make it a day trip. I do get up early enough to make the trip, and get first tracks. 

I think for me the Indy Pass would be better for my situation. There are 5 areas within a reasonable drive. Black Mountain, NH, Bolton Valley, Suicide Six, Magic, and Pat's Peak. The only thing is that I need to commit to doing more trips to the States which I don't think I can do this year to make it worth the purchase. 

Both passes are of great value. Just have to pick the one that fits your needs........or maybe both if you are an explorer of new areas!

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