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Mont Tremblant - December 7th/8th, 2019


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Wow what a killer weekend at Mont Tremblant! I drove up late Friday to meet some buddies from Toronto who had a hotel room a few minutes from the resort. Our expectations were not high as it was early season and there was the 24hr relay race on the south side. Tremblant brought the goods though.  They had just gotten 10cms and on Saturday they opened up "Le Edge" for the first time this season as well as the runs off the Expo Express Quad.  We had powder skiing on December 6th! along with 49 open runs on Saturday and 53 on Sunday.  The temperatures were hovering around -15c in the morning and -8c in the afternoon. Lots of snowmaking was happening.  Anyway after railing some groomers on the North Side we got in a couple powder runs going down Fuddle Duddle and Windigo then hit Le Edge for more all natural tree runs.  We stayed on the Edge side for a while before heading back to the south side for some afternoon groomer action.  Sunday was a repeat with lots of powder stashes left in the woods.  You really couldn't have asked for more and the weather was pretty much perfect for the huge relay event that involved skiing, running and walking for 24hrs.  Tremblant even had Beauvallon light all the way down for the teams skiing after dark. What a crazy event.  Well done Tremblant. 


Going up! Its odd to see the lake unfrozen.


Perfect groomers


This was the only lineup of the day. Waiting for Le Edge to open. 



So fresh, we only hit a couple logs. 










Note the 24hr relay.


At the top of the Edge

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Amazing Photos Paul.

Tremblant never ceases to impress with its size and scale.

Quite a lot of natural snow in the glades already. Shaping up to be another great season.

Fantastic. Was the Soleil side open yet?

Hows the Grand Manitou summit lodge this season? They did extensive expansion and renovations last year and this summer they seemed to improve other areas inside, did you notice anything new or different?

I've said it before and I'm not shy to say it again, I love the new Lowell Thomas Express lift. Easily the best upgrade in the past many years. The old triple chair was my least favorite on the mountain... now its the Edge quad.

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Hey Shane

Soleil was still not open. We didn't check out the summit lodge this time as its was the main base for the 24hr relay and pretty busy. In fact we parked and ate on the northside which was a first for me.  I love the new Lowell Thomas Lift its a great upgrade. I always have a good time at Tremblant, I sometimes think it gets a bad rap. Noticed lots of Ikon pass holders.

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Looked like a blast! Great weekend. To have that much snow in the woods, and be skiable at this time of the year, it must have been a treat. The last time I was up that way was in between seasons back in 2015. It was late October, and even at that time of year Tremblant was still a beautiful place. Your photos give us a good idea of what the terrain is like up there. Great shots. Thanks Paul! 

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    • By Gordo
      Well we didn't quite get the snowmageddon that was hyped but the skiing at Camp Fortune was great regardless. 10cms of wet snow had fallen over night and it would snow heavy all morning bringing the total to close to 25cms by midday.  The drive was not great as highway 5 was like a cart track but it was worth the trek.  With temperatures around zero the fresh snow was heavy but you can't complain.  I managed to get fresh lines for a few runs on Heggtveit and Craigsmarc before moving to Meech and getting the first run after the Ski Patrol on the La Cache glade.  After several powder filled runs on the Meech side I moved to the valley.  The valley was quiet with the trick park closed off as well as Allen's Ally for a race. Slalom and Duffy had loads of fresh snow though. Back on Skyline things were clumping up fast but my legs were pretty much done by noon anyway.  On a sad note just after lunch Fortune had to close because of power issues.  Yesterday they were closed for a few hours in the morning because of a power outage.  Hydro may be cheap in Quebec but it sure its isn't reliable. 

      Craigsmarc was a winter wonderland of fresh lines. 

      First tracks on La Cache

      Slalom was so smeary

      Top of Duffy

      Skyline at noon. Lots of space for all. 
    • By Gordo
      What a difference a couple weeks and a couple big snow falls make.  Mont Ste Marie was in peak "Winter Wonderland" mode on Sunday.  Over 10cms had fallen overnight and the snow would come down heavy the rest of the day.  The 1200ft vertical mountain was 100% open including all the glades.  The drive up was a little greasy and we got stuck behind a fleet of plows up oh boy was it worth it.  The steeps were deep and the glades were fresh.  What else can I say we got soaked and our legs were burned but we stayed till last chair. Get it while its good!

      Dustin Cook is snowed in. 

      Caroussel Sous-bois

      Going into Deep Purple

      Besty I think
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