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Powder Alerts 2019/20


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Lots of good snow lately. It was quite fluffy and soft this past weekend, which is always a joy to see.

Sadly still have yet to get out onto the slopes. "Hoping" to change that in the near future.

Gordo, have you done the new glade on Meech this year? How is it? What does it compare to as far as steepness and difficulty?

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@Ocean back in the day when I was there it would get busy enough sometimes to run the Green Chair for a day! Not the whole week though. Nowadays it's not as busy. I skied OH during Quebec March break last season, and I don't think I spent more than 5-10 minutes in line at any of the chairs, and that was without the Old Lake Quad running. It's hit and miss sometimes. Since they converted the Appartment Hotel to private condos, there is only the auberge at the Mountain Haus for lodging, and that is only 10 rooms. So it may not be so busy as it used to be. Sutton would probably be nuts. More so if it snows. 

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@Paul thanks! Friends went to Owl's Head Saturday, then Sutton yesterday and Orford today and I met them there for some afternoon runs! It was nice in the sun, starting to crust up (and hard to see contour) in the shade, and overall pretty great conditions. Too cold for a lot of trip report photos though!


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