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Ski Cape Smokey, NS - New Ownership


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News out of Cape Bretton, or more specifically Ingonish, NS is that Ski Cape Smokey has been sold by the province to a New York investor. The hill had been operated by the province under a volunteer group since 2011 to keep it open in a limited format with the Poma lift being its main lift. There is a quad chair that has not been in service for quite sometime and is beyond refurbishing. The plan calls for a major renewal of the mountain and its facilities, and a realignment of parts of the access road. The main goal is to have Cape Smokey a major destination for visitors who are travelling the Cabot Trail as a 4 season attraction.

Below is a link to the article from the Cape Bretton Post for additional details.


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Here is the trail map apparently from 2015. A bit of an understatement to say that the chairlift needs to operate (whether repaired or replaced) as it gives access to the entire mountain. The T-Bar serves barely 2 trails.

The mountain has a vertical drop of 305m, 16 runs and the longest being 2.4km.


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I have seen photos of the bottom terminal of the quad and it's not in great shape. I understand that the lift has not operated since the early 2010's from when the mountain was suffering financially from back then. It hasn't spun in almost a decade. I could be wrong there but it has been quite a while.

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News from Cape Smokey. They have just announced the signing with Leitner-Poma to start construction on Atlantic Canada's first gondola. This new gondola will replace the old quad chair that had not been operational for a number of years. This will open up the upper section of the mountain that was once served by the quad. The Poma lift will still be around to service the lower section of the mountain. Here is the link to Cape Smokey's Facebook page for the announcement.


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