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NH mountains at risk due to pharma lawsuit

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So interesting story, the pharma co that is being sued for their practice of pushing Oxy is the majority owner in 3 NH mountains, should the family go bankrupt due to the lawsuit(s), the future of three mountains could be at risk. Highly speculative at this point perhaps but interesting forward looking article:


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Peak Resorts isn't Vail Resorts but still hold quite a lot of mountains, one of the biggest ones is Mount Snow in Vermont. Hopefully, nothing happens to any of these mountains should the worst happen. Still a long way from that being an issue though.

Here's a full list of their resorts:

New Hampshire

  • Attitash Mountain
  • Crotched Mountain
  • Wildcat Mountain


  • Jack Frost Big Boulder
  • Liberty Mountain
  • Roundtop Mountain
  • Whitetail Resort


  • Mount Snow

New York

  • Hunter Mountain


  • Alpine Valley
  • Boston Mills
  • Brandywine
  • Mad River Mountain
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That is pretty serious if it ever gets that far in legal proceedings. I hope it doesn't get to that point, and if it does there could well be a declaration of bankruptcy if the case against them gets large enough. It's still a long ways off but things can happen quickly.

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